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Most hair care products only target the hair shaft in an attempt to improve the health of the hair. At Leavitt Labs, our products improve the health of the scalp and the diminishing follicles. Without a nutrient-rich environment, hair simply will not grow!

Leavitt Labs hair care was designed to resolve this dilemma and restore health to the scalp and follicles by meeting four criteria:

  1. Combat DHT (DHT causes hair loss by shrinking the follicle)
  2. Reduce inflammation that can restrict blood flow and the delivery of nutrients to the hair shaft, scalp and follicles
  3. Increases the number of cell receptors responsible for hair production
  4. Feed vital nutrients to the cellular matrix of the scalp to nurture hair follicles

Leavitt Labs hair care selective ingredients are natural and healthy for your hair, scalp and follicles. They work to hydrate, volumize, moisturize, thicken, strengthen, protect, and clean.

Leavitt Labs hair care products are formulated with natural plant extracts, oil, amino acids and vitamins.

Leavitt Labs hair care products are not formulated with Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) or other harsh detergents, parabens or synthetic colors.

Dr. Leavitt proudly introduces his Leavitt Labs Shampoo and Conditioner....

“Leavitt Labs is the result of my passion for helping and treating men and women with hair concerns.” -Dr. Matt Leavitt