Our dermatologists now offer Telehealth to support #socialdistancing and #stayathome guidelines to keep you and our teams safe during the Coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak.

You can easily request a Telehealth appointment online at: www.AdvancedDerm.com/book-telehealth.  

We live in unpredictable times with news on the Coronavirus unfolding each day with new updates, guidelines and ways to keep us safe.  Most of us are working remotely and following guidelines on social distancing to reduce the transmission of the disease.  This change of lifestyle may cause anxiety and worry in some of us and our new state of mind can cause new skin reactions or aggravate pre-existing conditions.  We still need to take care of our health and waiting to see a dermatologist is not necessary when Telehealth services are available.  Here are the top five reasons why you should not wait any longer.

You have a Suspicious Spot that could be Skin Cancer

Are you noticing a suspicious spot and are concerned that it might be skin cancer?  Skin cancer is the most common cancer in the United States. It is estimated that approximately 9,500 people in the U.S. are diagnosed with skin cancer every day.  When detected early, even the deadliest of skin cancers, melanoma, has a survival rate of 99% but drops all the way to 15% in its more advanced stages.  There are many types of skin cancer and a certified dermatology provider can help detect, diagnose and treat a skin cancer at any stage to achieve the best outcomes.  If your condition requires immediate in-person care, your dermatologist will direct you to one of our locations that is open for urgent needs.  You will be given priority scheduling so you can get treatment as soon as possible.

You have a Pre-Existing Skin Condition that Needs Immediate Attention

Common skin conditions like eczema, psoriasis and rosacea can experience flare-ups when under stress.  Skin condition management includes meeting regularly with your dermatologist provider to ensure you have the right information to manage and improve your condition under changing conditions.  A provider can help you identify triggers, provide guidance on lifestyle adjustments and prescribe or adjust medications to meet your specific needs. 

You have an Acne Breakout

Although acne affects teenagers most often, acne can appear at any age.  Acne causes vary widely and can easily be triggered by changes in the environment or lifestyle habits.  A dermatologist can help identify the right treatment plan to achieve clear skin based on an individual's age, their habits and other factors that caused the acne breakout.  Seek medical advice in the early stages of acne to achieve the best results.

Quality Dermatological Care is Available Now

Telehealth appointments are available right now to address more than 3,000 skin, hair and nail conditions.  Setting up an appointment is easy and can be done online by requesting a Telehealth appointment here:  www.AdvancdedDerm.com/book-telehealth.  Prepare for your visit by having a device with internet connection and audio/visual capability ready for your meeting.  Meet with your dermatologist to discuss your skin condition, upload photos and discuss your treatment plan.  If needed, a prescription will be sent to your local pharmacy. 

Convenient Access to Certified Dermatology Providers

Now, more than ever, we have more time to focus on health and take care of our skin, hair and nails.  Schedule time with your Advanced Dermatology provider to discuss your current skin, hair and nail health and devise a plan to get you on the right track.  If you don’t have a current dermatology provider, Advanced Dermatology is taking new patients and immediate appointments are available.  Choose from over 400 providers to develop a treatment plan that is right for you.  Our certified dermatology providers are ready to meet with you virtually where and when it’s most convenient for you.

Immediate appointments available at many of our 160+ Locations


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