Beautiful Hair Starts with a Healthy Scalp

Signs your hair and scalp are aging

When you think about how your looks will change as you age, you likely focus on changes to your skin. But your hair and scalp are just as susceptible to the consequences of time. Ever wonder what the most common signs of aging hair are? Here are the three most common:

  1. Hair becomes thin and grows slowly. Your hair stays in its resting phase longer than normal. As a result, your hair will start thinning and not grow as fast. You may notice your scalp becomes more visible.
  1. Hair becomes dry and breaks easily. This is a result of protein loss which is a building-block for your hair.
  1. Hair loses its pigment and turns grey or white. This may be simply a factor of time or genetics so it can’t be prevented. Other causes include stress, lack of a healthy diet, illness and medication.

Changes in your hair are inevitable but the good thing is there are steps we can take to rejuvenate and restore it to its more youthful, radiant crowning glory.

If you are noticing the signs of aging hair, have an irritated, dry, flaky, itchy or oily scalp, or thinning, dry, oily or lifeless hair, Advanced Dermatology's scalp and hair experts are ready to diagnose the causes, and make recommendations on rejuvenating, hydrating and even restoring your hair to make it healthy and full, again.

Recently, Advanced Dermatology introduced the first of its new PROSCRIPTIX® | FX hair care formulations which combine specialized medical expertise and validated science to effectively address many of your hair and scalp concerns. These include DensiFi FX Volumizing Shampoo, DensiFi FX Volumizing Conditioner and PROSCRIPTIX|FX® X.Cyte FX Stimulating Hair Serum.

To learn what may be at the root of your hair and scalp conditions book an appointment today.

Beautiful Hair Starts with a Healthy Scalp

Healthy hair is rooted in a healthy scalp

A healthy scalp that’s clean, exfoliated and hydrated supports hair growth, strength, shine, manageability and volume. An unhealthy scalp can change how well your hair grows, how easily it breaks, how much you shed and how much hair loss you experience.

Many factors impact the health of your scalp. Oils and skin cells that have been shed can buildup and block your follicles. Age, genetics, stress, medical conditions, hormonal changes and nutritional deficiencies can all play a role. Environmental factors – including dirt, dust, smoke and damage from the sun – and even certain hair care products, can also contribute to the problem.

Learn how Advanced Dermatology’s proprietary PROSCRIPTIX® | FX,  DensiFI FX Volumizing Shampoo, FX DensiFI FX Volumizing Conditioner and PROSCRIPTIX|FX® X.Cyte FX Stimulating Hair Serum may help you enjoy healthier, fuller, shinier hair.

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