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Advanced Dermatology Medical Assistants get close to patients’ needs, concerns, hopes and dreams

Every day, our medical assistants collaborate with Advanced Dermatology’s physicians and clinicians to touch lives with their extraordinary skills and concern.

We are looking for caring professionals to join our team.  Apply now with the button below.   First, click on the link, then type "Medical Assistant" in the search bar to see all available medical assistant positions.  Click on "advanced search" to specify a city or state to further target your search.

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Carol Titus, MA

Our Medical Assistants Feel Good About Helping Patients Feel Better

“I love all the hands-on care and assistance I provide to my patients, from initial intake until they leave our office,” said Carol Titus, MA, who works in our Pensacola office. “I try to provide the best-experience possible to ensure our patients return to us for all their dermatologic care.”

Carol Titus, MA

Dermatology Coordinator Ashley Klein

We Treat Patients Knowledgeably and Compassionately

"I treat each patient with the same care I’d want for myself or a family member,” said Dermatology Coordinator Ashley Klein, who works in our office in Henderson, NV.

Dermatology Coordinator Ashley Klein

Dermatology Coordinator Hayley French

Medical Assistants Learn Advanced Skills that Elevate the Patient Experience 

“While clinical work is absolutely fascinating, creating a great patient experience means the world to me,” said Dermatology Coordinator Hayley French. She joined Advanced Dermatology about four years ago with no dermatology experience at all and quickly learned to love it. “I believe patients deserve to feel they have been heard and have someone advocating for them. Excellent care combines skillfully fulfilling your clinical duties with really listening to your patients.”

Dermatology Coordinator Hayley French

Margarita Barriente, MA

Your Success is Our Success

"Excellent patient care, communication, and respect for each patient's time are keys to working for a successful office."

Margarita Barriente, MA 

Jessica Schiers, MA

Medical Assistants Make a Positive Impact in the Community 

“I’ve been honored to be a part of my patient's lives beyond their skin care, said Jessica Schiers, MA, pictured sewing masks for those in her community in her spare time. The relationships I’ve built with my patients have allowed me to celebrate some of the great moments in their lives. Working at an office with outlying clinics in rural areas of Wyoming, I can see the huge impact we’ve had on those communities. We’ve provided care, health education, and paved the way for other specialties to serve the area. I love going home knowing I’ve had a part in making a difference and saving lives."

Jessica Schiers, MA

Quitina Forde, MA

Excellent Patient Care is a Team Effort

“Everyone’s job is critical to delivering excellent patient care. Everyone. My front office team, doctors, location manager, nurses and my MA teammates provide great service to our patients and support to each other. I have children with health issues, and I’ve studied what has created the best office experience for them. I attempt to bring that understanding to our patient experience every day."

Quitina Forde, MA

Lauren Bruland, MA

Medical Assistants are a Critical Part of the Team at Advanced Dermatology

“I absolutely love my job; I love my team; I love the people that I work with. Working here allows me to deliver excellent care with a smile.”

Lauren Bruland, MA​

Jennifer Batt, MA

Purposeful, Meaningful Work Is What You Can Expect as a Medical Assistant at Advanced Dermatology

At Advanced Dermatology, we strive to create a challenging, enjoyable and rewarding work experience where we treat co-workers at all levels like family – with respect, patience and great consideration.

Our internal associate opinion surveys show that 90% of our staff value their relationships with their co-workers, and 85% feel as though the work they perform has a positive impact on people’s lives.  If this describes you and your goals, then continue reading to learn more about what you can expect as a Medical Assistant at Advanced Dermatology.

Being a medical assistant with Advanced Dermatology has been one of the best decisions I have made, said Jennifer Batt, MA. “I had no idea how amazing all the teams are here and that I would find my forever home."

Jennifer Batt, MA​

Breana Rogers, MA

Building on Your Strengths... and Ours

As part of the Advanced Dermatology team, you will be encouraged to pursue and achieve your unique career goals while contributing to the growth and success of Advanced Dermatology.

“Advanced Dermatology was my first job as a medical assistant after I graduated and has provided me with the opportunity and experience I have today,” said Breana Rogers, MA. “As the nation’s premier dermatology practice, I’ve been able to travel and gain a greater amount of experience working with different providers and Mohs surgeons.”  

Breana Rogers, MA​

Medical Assistant's Career Path at Advanced Dermatology

Many of our office administrators and clinicians have been promoted from within the organization. Still others have assumed roles within our corporate office in Maitland, FL.  Whatever your personal or professional aspirations, Advanced Dermatology is the perfect fit.

With our network of 140 Advanced Dermatology and Cosmetic Surgery practices throughout the country, we offer transfer and career growth opportunities. 

If you don’t have dermatology experience – or clinical experience at all, but you are passionate about healthcare, want to impact people’s lives and are eager to learn, we offer on-the-job training to introduce you to a clinical career within dermatology.  Our training consists of online courses, electronic medical record training, compliance and HIPAA training, and then pairing with a clinical trainer who will provide direct support for 90 days.

Teshanna Futch, MA

A Day in the Life of a Medical Assistant

Our medical assistants are a key part of our organization and every day is challenging, educational and fulfilling. “A normal day for me starts with prepping my rooms for patients, triaging and taking vitals, looking for concerning lesions the patient may not bring up, and then assisting our clinicians with the exams, or procedures, said Teshanna Futch, MA. ”I review everything with the patient, thank him or her for coming in, clean the room and move to the next patient.  Between patients I work on call backs, voicemails, and authorizations. When my day is done in clinical, I work with the front office on filling out schedules or sending notes out to the Primary Care Physicians (PCPs), because it is important for the PCPs to know who they can contact.  Sometimes I’ll speak to the offices to coordinate care because we are now on a first-name basis.  At the end of the day, I help the front office complete our nightly report, double check to make sure everything is ready for the next day. All while providing top-notch service to our patients.”

Teshanna Futch, MA​

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