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If you’re ready to focus on patient care and practice at the top of your license we are your partner of choice.

Practice at the Top of Your License, Again

Practice at the Top of Your License, Again

Our physician-led, patient-first focus fully supports making medicine more human, with doctor-patient relationships back at the center of each interaction. Enhanced focus and stronger patient relationships drive better clinical outcomes.

If you want to begin each day with a full schedule of patients and let us take care of the rest – partner with us. Experience the benefits of practicing medicine again, while feeling fully supported and growing your practice.

We’ll Take Care of Everything Else

We’ll Take Care of Everything Else

Strapped for time? Hampered by outdated or bureaucratic ways of operating? Frustrated with administrative burdens? Are you seeking additional training to build your skills? Think better technology could bolster your patient engagement? Ready to grow your practice? Do you want to collaborate more with colleagues and specialized experts?

We Are Here to Help

If you’re ready to let Advanced Dermatology handle the administrative demands of medicine, and rediscover what inspired you to become a Dermatologist - partner with us.

  • We have the right team members in the right places nationally, regionally and locally to support you. Whether your goal is to drive clinic-level growth or eliminate administrative problems or concerns – our team is by your side.
  • Our industry leading infrastructure includes integrated HR services, legal support, training, reporting systems, recruiting, credentialing, compliance and in-house IT support. We manage all aspects of revenue cycle management, including coding, billing, and benefits investigations. We also drive patient acquisition via local and national marketing campaigns (to grow your patient base and increase brand awareness).
  • Our 100% dedicated, in-house care center handles more than 50,000 patient appointment requests per week. Care center staff have specialized training in areas including medical and cosmetic dermatology and Mohs surgery, so interactions with patients are more effective and seamless, with the end-goal of keeping patients satisfied and schedules full. Your front desk staff will still field calls and work in conjunction with our care center representatives, who are dedicated to delivering a friendly patient experience.
  • A supportive leadership team, headed by practicing dermatologist and Advanced Dermatology and Cosmetic Surgery Founder and CEO Dr. Matt Leavitt, looks strategically at every opportunity to do what’s best for you, your practice, and for our entire team of stakeholders.
  • We want you to have all the tools and resources in place to do everything you need to put patients first. We’re constantly growing our service lines (such as aesthetics), investing in technology and supporting our staff – including practice extenders – to improve the patient experience.
  • We are consistently delivering impressive financial results.  Our stability and free access to the capital markets is important to support growth and drive greater value through the organization, which benefits all team members who join Advanced Dermatology and Cosmetic Surgery
  • We take pride in the fact that when we say we’re going to do something, we do it. Our commitment to you is essential to our success as we grow together as partners for the long term.


Unlock the Value of Your Practice

Unlock the Value of Your Practice

Realize the rewards of your hard work. With Advanced Dermatology you will:

  • Enjoy the financial security of a well-capitalized, national business
  • Eliminate reliance on personal capital for growth initiatives
  • Focus on patient care 100%
  • Collaborate more with colleagues
  • Reach new efficiencies with our investments in information technology
  • Tap into greater purchasing & negotiating power

Learn more about the benefits to selling your practice.

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About Our Business

Advanced Dermatology has enjoyed remarkable growth since being founded by Dermatologist Dr. Matt Leavitt in 1989. We believe that is in large measure because we consistently put our patients at the “top of the care pyramid.”

Now with more than 160 offices in 14 states nationwide, Advanced Dermatology is the premier owner-operator of dermatology practices in the United States and has partnered with more than 50 practices since 2012.

We specialize in medical, surgical and cosmetic dermatology, advanced skin cancer treatment, cosmetic surgery, and dermatopathology and have created a proprietary line of skincare products. 
Education and research are top priorities for our practice, and we’ve built a residency program, extender training program, and research division to conduct clinical trials and other research studies. 
And because we are the nation’s premier dermatology practice built by a dermatologist, run by physicians we really “get it.” If you are dedicated to patient care, we hope you will partner with us.

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If you’re ready to let Advanced Dermatology handle the administrative demands of medicine, and rediscover what inspired you to become a Dermatologist


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