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Introducing Nevisense

Nevisense is an innovative, non-invasive, FDA-approved technology that improves accuracy in the detection of melanoma, helps rule out ambiguity in determining non-cancerous (benign moles or lesions) from cancerous (malignant melanomas), and helps determine whether or not biopsies are needed to follow-up visual detection exams. It is now available in a number of Advanced Dermatology offices, and more are getting this breakthrough technology.

Nevisense combines the best of human intelligence and artificial intelligence to look under the skin and identify unique characteristics of suspicious and/or ambiguous moles. Information received is interpreted by our Dermatologists who make the decision whether a biopsy or further study is needed.

Studies Show Nevisense Helps Find More Melanomas

Studies published in the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology (JAAD) which included 267 dermatologists and in SKIN, The Journal of Cutaneous Medicine (SKIN) which included 591 clinicians, compared the results of more than 25,000 evaluations of atypical moles using visual evaluations compared to those using visual evaluations and Nevisense combined.

The key study takeaways were more melanomas were spotted, more benign moles were identified, and the number of biopsies needed dropped when Nevisense was used in conjunction with visual exams.           

Getting Started: Early Detection is the Best Protection

Advanced Dermatology continues to research, identify and evaluate technology that can improve the standard of care for skin cancer. Ask whether Nevisense makes sense for your care.

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