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What You Should Bring

Please bring a photo ID and an insurance card to your appointment. We also need the social security number of the guarantor so we can file the insurance claim. Failure to provide this information will require payment for the full cost of the appointment and any procedures performed at the time of service.

Transfers From Other Doctors

If you are transferring your care from another physician to our practice, please have your medical records faxed to our office prior to your visit. This will prevent any confusion regarding previous treatments.

Your Privacy

Advanced Dermatology and Cosmetic Surgery maintains a high level of confidentiality. We do not share information with any other organization and will treat clients' personal information with care. We adhere to a privacy policy based on fair information principles, and we take appropriate measures to provide adequate security, and respect your preferences regarding unsolicited email.

Notice of Privacy Practices

Alternative Options to Opioids

Talk to your health care provider about alternative options to opioids including medications and therapies that are recommended to treat your pain.  Create a safe and effective treatment plan that is right for you.

Alternatives to Opioids: Medications and Therapies

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Cosmetics/aesthetics 800.647.9851

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