Baby soft skin—it is something every woman wants. Unwanted facial hair can stand in the way of achieving it. Unwanted body hair can make slipping into that summer bikini more worrisome.

Men and women have tried many different time consuming methods in their search for smooth and silky skin. The old standby of shaving is one option. But this can cause chafing and irritation and needs to be done daily. The result is constant maintenance or painful stubble. Plucking, waxing and depilatories have similar problems. Laser treatments seem to be the best option.

Many offices offer hair removal laser treatments, but at Advanced Dermatology and Cosmetic Surgery, only board certified dermatologists and determine which settings are appropriate for any given patient. The laser does the hair removal, but it is the expert physician that sets the laser’s parameters.

Board certified dermatologist Dr. Jay S. Gottlieb explains, “Everyone wants something different. The upper lip, chin and neck are common problem areas for many females. Some just want their legs and bikini areas treated. We accommodate the patient.”

Men also choose to remove excess body hair; many find that they can eliminate the sores that occur on the back of their necks and in the beard line once they have undergone laser hair removal treatment.

There are many lasers and light treatments available today. Advanced Dermatology and Cosmetic Surgery utilizes state-of-the-art lasers that are specifically designed to treat specific skin types.

This procedure may be the safest and most effective method yet. The result eventually leads to permanent hair reduction after a few treatments. Most patients tolerate the procedure without a problem. Side effects are very rare.
Physician and physician assistants have been recommending this procedure for many of their patients and have seen tremendous results. The goal is to make the patients feel as comfortable as possible.

Problems with excess hair growth doesn’t have to cause a struggle or be an embarrassment any longer.

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