I know you are busy. And, sometimes you feel too busy to apply sunscreen, or that sunscreen is not that important. Watching this video may change your mind. Please, take the time to look up this great video on-line and watch it with your kids…

It is a three-minute clip created by Thomas Leaveritt showing passersby in a New York park what their faces look like when viewed using ultraviolet light. The special camera exposes not-yet-visible changes of sun damage to the skin, namely freckles and lentigines (the tan spots that are commonly referred to as sun spots or age spots). You will see that the people in the video are surprised to see the amount of sun damage visible with the special camera. Then the participants are asked to apply sunscreen. With the special ultraviolet light in the camera, seeing how the application of sunscreen protects your skin is really incredible. I am sure you have read and heard how important it is to protect your skin from sun exposure by avoiding the sun, wearing protective clothing, and sunscreen, but after watching this video I hope that you ‘see’ why wearing sunscreen every day is important.

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