Staying healthy is not an easy job by any means, never mind looking great while doing so. With a body needing a plethora of supplements to survive, it is almost impossible to keep track of it all. Then of course is the need for specific seasonal maintenance—oh, say it ain’t so!

Indeed it is, particularly when it comes to hair says InStyle. Vaughn Acord, creator of the V76 by Vaughn haircare line and co-owner of the swanky New York City Mizu Salon, tells the magazine that switching up products seasonally is vital for hair health. “If you live somewhere with dramatic temperature changes, it’s important to adjust your shampoo depending on the season,” says Acord.

During June, July and August, Acord says to keep in mind that “from the sun to chlorine, your hair and scalp are exposed to damaging agents in the summer. Your aim should be to cleanse the hair while also being mindful that your scalp is in a vulnerable state.” He advises avoiding swapping out harsh shampoos for lightweight, soothing formulas with botanical ingredients.

Hairfinity—a supplement formulated with loads of vitamins and herbs, including vitamins A, C, B12, folic acid and its patented capilsana that promises to grow healthy hair fast—also says that hair routines should change with the seasons. The product’s site notes that if weather doesn’t drastically change, a new routine isn’t nearly as vital. But a sudden shift calls for switching products pronto, with more moisture needed in the winter and less in the summer.

“When it’s hot outside, you may want to stick to lightweight products. This includes any oils you use; jojoba, coconut and sweet almond are all good warm weather picks,” says Hairfinity. “Styling agents like mousses and liquid leave-in conditioners won’t weigh down loose hairstyles.”

However, don’t let the changing seasons be the only time you treat hair with some tender lovin’ care. “Protective styling is good any time of year, but you may like it during summer because it keeps long hair off your neck, thereby keeping you cooler,” Hairfinity adds, noting that built-in sunscreen haircare products are a must-have for sun worshipers.

The supplement’s blog also recommends deep conditioning treatments year round. And as for seasonal switch-ups,” don’t worry that you have to overhaul your entire routine,” assures All About Hair Care. The blog further notes that seasonal shedding is perfectly normal and explains that hair loss can greatly vary from season to season.

To pinpoint the appropriate treatment, one must distinguish the cause and duration of hair loss to determine if it’s actually due to seasonal changes or a more serious condition. If it is seasonal, natural remedies can be utilized to get you back to looking and feeling your best. After all, summer’s right around the corner and if we’re not prepared our locks could suffer.

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