Living With Psoriasis and Other
Chronic Skin Conditions

If you’re one of the millions of people coping with a chronic skin condition, you know it can impact every aspect of your life. Your most personal relationships and friendships can suffer as you begin to shy away from the simple acts you've always enjoyed: hugging a friend, holding a baby, shaking hands with a client, or going for a swim.

Even choosing a hairstyle or choosing your clothes becomes more intentional when you’re trying to cover-up a skin condition.

While symptoms of psoriasis, eczema, acne, rosacea and other chronic disorders generally manifest on the skin, these conditions may be systemic diseases that can impact your overall health.

At Advanced Dermatology, we know how important it is to have a real connection with people who understand that living with a skin condition can take a toll physically, mentally and emotionally, regardless of the severity of the disease.

We are committed to providing you with an exceptional patient experience, and to helping you achieve successful, enduring results.

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Chronic skin conditions we treat

The keys to coping with the physical symptoms of a skin condition include understanding your condition fully. You’ll want to know the underlying cause if possible, get a sense of what makes it better and what makes it worse (keeping a journal of your experience may help you identify what triggers or worsens your flares ), and learn about the best options to treat it.

Some of the most common skin disorders we treat include:

You and your Advanced Dermatology team will create a treatment plan to help you control and manage your symptoms. This may change over time for many reasons. Our researchers and doctors stay on the leading edge of advanced skin treatment breakthroughs and are committed to being the first in the region to bring these advances to their patients.

What are some of the factors that can make your skin condition worse

Every condition is different, and even the same condition can affect people very differently. While a direct link may not completely be established yet, some of the factors that could have an impact on your specific condition include:

  • Genetics
  • Hormonal Changes
  • Stress
  • Skin Injuries
  • Infections
  • Steroids and Other Prescription Medications
  • Food (including gluten, whole milk, fatty foods, refined sugars, processed food and even citrus.
  • Excessive Alcohol Consumption
  • Smoking
  • Weather Conditions

If you have a chronic skin condition, you may be prone to getting another chronic condition

Chronic conditions such as psoriasis are associated with other co-existing health conditions, likely related to inflammation. You’ll want to have regular check-ups by your primary care doctor as well as your dermatologist.

There are often correlations with mental health struggles as well. Chronic skin conditions can negatively impact your mood, confidence and self-esteem.

Don’t let your chronic skin condition make you feel isolated and alone.

You aren’t. In fact, millions of Americans have chronic skin conditions. If it is difficult to talk to your partner, friends or family about your skin condition and how it affects your life, there are lots of support groups with people who are living with each of these conditions.

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