Patients with acne scarring now have many options for treatment; some of which are ablative and invasive, and others non-ablative and non-invasive. Needling, or micro-needling, is a technique in which needles are typically placed in a roller and are “rolled” over skin to cause micro-injury to your skin, stimulating new collagen stimulation. This results in new healthy skin, therefore reducing the appearance of acne scarring. A recent study, in which patients with acne scarring had half of their face assigned to needling, and the other half of their face with no treatment, reported significant improvement as assessed by the global scarring grading system. The treatments were spaced two weeks apart, for a total of three treatments. Patients stated these treatments decreased the scarring by 41%. Needling is easy to do, and potentially inexpensive compared to the invasive laser treatments. The recovery time is far less than an invasive procedure. There is not enough data to compare needling to lasers directly; however, some physicians say combining the two procedures may also yield a significant improvement in acne scarring. Patients should consider needling treatments when looking to treat resistant acne scarring.

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