We Thank Our Physicians for Their
Heroic Guidance

National Doctors' Day  
March 30, 2021

At Advanced Dermatology, great medical care is a collaborative effort.

In a year unlike all others, our physician leaders and frontline dermatologists, Mohs and cosmetic surgeons, dermatopathologists, and clinical researchers, worked tirelessly – with extraordinary courage, compassion, wisdom and selflessness – to provide access to excellent medical care to you and others in our community under the most urgent and trying circumstances.

Even as global pandemic guidelines were being set by the CDC, WHO, and national, state and local health organizations, our Medical Leadership Team shouldered the responsibility to identify and implement the steps they felt were necessary to keep you safe, healthy and informed, and to ensure the health of our own team and partners.

Our physicians didn’t run from the challenges in front of them…they ran toward them, with a profound commitment to helping others.

Running toward challenges has also led many of our physicians and surgeons to serve our country as members of our Armed Forces and Reserves, and to serve as ambassadors of hope, funding mission trips to areas stricken by disaster and disease or bringing dermatologic care to those whose healthcare needs are underserved.

Becoming a great doctor is not a matter of luck or fate. It takes hard work and knowledge to learn the things that are known, define the things that are not, and to continuously reach for new treatments and cures to bring to our patients.

Concerns Over COVID-19’s Effect Leads to Breakthrough Research by Advanced Dermatology

A combination of factors – including reduced access to healthcare, social distancing, fear, loss of insurance and jobs – led an elite team of researchers, including Dr. James Solomon of our Ameriderm Research division and Dr. Matt Leavitt of Advanced Dermatology and Cosmetic Surgery, to help lead research regarding the timely detection and management of melanoma and non-melanoma skin cancers during the pandemic in 2020.  

The results of that study, published in the January 19, 2021 edition of the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology (JAAD), found that more than one million skin cancers went undetected in 2020.

Hand-in-hand with that study, several of our physicians also participated in research that demonstrated the effectiveness of Total-Body Skin Cancer Exams, which was published in the Journal of Clinical Oncology®, an American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) Journal.

The study showed that annual Total-Body Skin Cancer Exams were 23.5 times more likely to identify a melanoma than a Pap smear is to identify a cervical cancer.

Our Doctors have Made Advanced Dermatology a Healthcare Leader

Our physicians and surgeons haven’t undertaken efforts like those of the past year to earn public recognition or thanks. However, we ask you to join us in thanking them, and offering them our heartfelt gratitude and praise, this Doctors’ Day and every day.

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