Medical Assistants: Helping Us Make 
Remarkable Care Happen

Advanced Dermatology Celebrates
Medical Assistants Recognition Week 
October 19–2​3, 2020

Since the dawn of time, people have been providing healthcare to one another, which means the idea of medical assistants goes back to the very beginning of medicine itself.

Ancient doctors like Hippocrates were often surrounded by students and assistants performing what today would be called “administrative” and “clinical” tasks. These tasks went a long way in helping patients receive the best treatment and care possible.

Today, they still do.

Advanced Dermatology Medical Assistants collaborate with our physicians and clinicians, performing a variety of administrative and clinical tasks. And they are touching lives with their extraordinary skills and concern.

Our Medical Assistants Feel Good About Helping Patients Feel Better

The medical assistant’s role in this rapidly growing profession is better defined than ever before. Every day is challenging, educational and fulfilling.

“A normal day for me starts with prepping my rooms for patients, triaging and taking vitals, looking for concerning lesions the patient may not bring up, and then assisting our clinicians with the exams, or procedures, said Teshanna Futch, MA. ”I review everything with the patient, thank him or her for coming in, clean the room and move to the next patient.  Between patients I work on call backs, voicemails, and authorizations. When my day is done in clinical, I work with the front office on filling out schedules or sending notes out to the Primary Care Physicians (PCPs), because it is important for the PCPs to know who they can contact.  Sometimes I’ll speak to the offices to coordinate care because we are now on a first-name basis.  At the end of the day, I help the front office complete our nightly report, double check to make sure everything is ready for the next day. All while providing top-notch service to our patients.”

Other responsibilities may include collecting and preparing lab specimens, transmitting prescription refills as directed, removing sutures, changing dressings, updating and filing patient medical records, coding and filling out insurance forms, scheduling appointments, arranging for lab services, and more.

Some assistants go on to become physicians, clinicians and high-level administrators in their own right. Others make a wonderful career out of being a medical assistant.

Become an Advanced Dermatology Medical Assistant

Learn more about a what it's like to be a medical assistant at Advanced Dermatology from several of our medical assistants working on the frontlines.

If you are interested in becoming a medical assistant, we are looking for caring professionals to join our team. To learn about available medical assistant positions, click here, then type "Medical Assistant" in the search bar.  Click on "advanced search" to specify a city or state to further target your search.

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