BioCorneum - Scar Reducer

Advanced Dermatology and Cosmetic Surgery is happy to introduce bioCorneum plus SPF30, the Only 100% Silicone Scar Treatment with SPF 30 UV Protection Ingredients.

BioCorneum is a patented gel that dries within minutes forming an invisible silicone sheet over the affected area. This protective barrier is breathable, flexible and waterproof. BioCorneum binds with the stratum corneum (outer layer of dead skin cells) to protect the underlying tissue against chemical, microbial and physical invasion of the scar.

BioCorneum is used for the prevention and management of hypertrophic (raised, red) scars and keloids. This silicone gel may be used on scars resulting from cosmetic and surgical procedures, trauma, wounds and burns and is effective on old and new scars.

BioCorneum hydrates the scarred area and creates an environment which allows the scar to mature through normal collagen synthesis cycles and improves the physiological and cosmetic appearance of the scar.

The silicone formulation in bioCorneum has been shown to flatten, soften, and smooth scars, reduce discoloration, as well as relieve itch, pain and discomfort of scars.

The UV protection ingredients in bioCorneum may protect the maturing scar from the darkening effects of sun exposure, a feature unique to bioCorneum as it is the only patented 100% silicone scar treatment of this kind.

A new scar will continue to mature for at least 6 months. It has been demonstrated in clinical studies that proactively treating the new scar with this silicone formulation may reduce the likelihood of abnormal scar formation and provide the optimal environment for aesthetic scar outcome.

The benefits of bioCorneum are clear:

  • 100% silicone scar treatment with SPF30 ingredients
  • Self dries to form a transparent, flexible sheet within 4-5 min
  • Softens and flattens raised scars
  • Reduces redness and discoloration
  • Relieves associated itch and discomfort
  • UV protection ingredients may protect scars from discoloration and
    redness caused by sun exposure
  • Very water resistant
  • Cosmetics may be applied once dry
  • May be used on flexures, joints, irregular surfaces, as well as large area scars
  • Can be used in conjunction with pressure garments

Many of our patients are using bioCorneum and are seeing truly amazing results. Our practice recommends this product to all of our patients with confidence. bioCorneum comes in 3 sizes to suitably treat the individual size of each scar. The minimum treatment time for new scars is 60-90 days and for older scars, 90 days. bioCorneum is suitable for children and people with sensitive skin.