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CO2RE Laser

CO2RE Laser treatments use a non-surgical fractional CO2 laser to resurface your skin, targeting and diminishing signs of aging including lines, wrinkles, uneven skin tone and texture, sagging skin and scars.

This technology delivers thousands of microscopic beams, treating a fraction of the skin at a time. The treatment stimulates collagen and healthy skin cell production with less downtime compared to other laser treatments.

In the hands of your skilled Advanced Dermatology and Cosmetic Surgery laser professional, CO2RE treatments can be customized – with adjustments to laser strength, penetration depth, density and patterns of treatment – to address your specific skin type and to achieve the goals most important to you.

Systematic Approach Customized for Your Needs

Systematic Approach Customized for Your Needs

  • CO2RE System - Light
    • With this setting, CO2RE provides a refreshed complexion, targeting only the outer layer of the skin.
  • CO2RE System - Mid
    • To improve skin tone and texture, the Mid setting might be used. This delivers the laser treatment to the epidermis and dermis, the two top layers of skin.
  • CO2RE System - Deep
    • This setting is used to improve scars, fine lines and wrinkles, and reaches beyond the dermis.
  • CO2RE System - Fusion
    • For the greatest results on texture variations, as well as those fine lines and wrinkles, the fusion feature can be used, which combines the Mid and Deep features.

About Your Co2RE Laser Treatments

The time it takes to perform CO2RE treatments varies depending on the settings needed to attain your desired results. However, good results are often achieved in just one treatment.

Following Treatment

After treatment your skin will be red and slightly swollen. Plan on about one or two weeks of downtime as your skin recovers from this laser treatment, after which you may return to your normal activities. Your provider will give you more details.

Call today to schedule an appointment with an experienced Advanced Dermatology professional who can help you determine whether skin resurfacing with the CO2RE System is the best plan for you.

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