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"I called requesting an appointment to have a doctor to look at my hands (eczema). I had been going to another doctor, but was not getting any results. I was scheduled to see Dr. Lise Brown. WOW! Dr Lise is awesome. She was very through while examining me and took her time explaining our plan of action. Dr Lise is very knowledeable and caring. God has blessed me with the perfect doctor. I will definitely refer her"
--Cheryl LeFebvre Todd about Lise Brown, DO

"I've been seeing Svetlana for years and my skin is healthy and glowing because of her professional care. Svetlana is a caring, thoughful, and a great listener when you have concerns and is "spot on" on the types of treatments. I would highly recommend her and the whole staff."
--Rose White about Svetlana Aizenshtat

"This is by far the very best practice I have ever been blessed to be seen by. Dr. Robins is super and all his staff is top notch! Would and will recommend them all with out any doubt or hesitation!!"
--colleen wheeler about Douglas Robins, MD

"Dr. Vaitla is amazing! She is very thorough and genuinely cares."
--Barbara about Rama Vaitla, MD

"A wonderful experience with all office staff and a special thank you to Al As put me at ease (I'm a nervous wreck)...was so helpful, thorough, nice Person, caring and I will look forward to next appointment because of Him as well as office staff! Can't say enough good things!!!!!!!!"
--Deborah about Alfredo Sy, PA-C

"I'm going to start off by saying that I never write testimonials. Not that I've never encountered a service "worthy" of one but i guess I'm just lazy when it comes to something like this. That being said, I am writing my first today!!! I have been seeing Tiffany McMurray for years now. She is undoubtedly THE BEST at what she does. She shows extreme concern for her patients, is willing to take as much time with you as necessary to make you feel comfortable with whatever procedure you are getting and she employs such a sweet and caring staff as well, "Edy!". I literally feel like family when I walk in the office. Tiffany McMurray is a "peach" and you WILL NOT be disappointed with her expertise and caring nature."
--Shannon about Tiffany McMurray, ARNP-BC

"I had moderate acne and occasional cystic acne that plagued my face, neck, and shoulders for nine years. I had been to several acne evaluations by many dermatologists and been prescribed topical solutions that temporarily solved my problems at best. Dr. Levitt prescribed an anti-bacterial oral medication, and within the three-month period the medicine was prescribed to me, my acne continued to lessen and finally disappear completely. Several months later my skin is still crystal clear, and I cannot thank this man enough for giving me the freedom that is a normal complexion. He is also very kind and reassuring - truly a doctor who cares for his patients and knows exactly what he is doing."
--Anna Hepler about Stephan Levitt, MD

"I hsd an open wound on my ear that for years doctors told me was due to the fact that I sleep on my side and the ear kept being folded over, keeping the injury open. Dr. Kornfeld took one look at it and diagnosed it as basal cell carcinoma. Even though I was on vacation he followed through with me and made an appointment with a surgeon and for surgery within a few days of my returning home. As it was I lost the ear but I hate to think how much worse it could have been if he hadn't recognized it for what it truly was. I am so grateful that God brought Dr. Kornfeld into my life. And he is just a nice guy, too."
--Jo Aelfwine about Bruce W. Kornfeld, M.D.

"Brandon and the staff at this Winter Park location are beyond exception with great customer care and respect toward all patients, even the difficult ones. Brandon makes sure his patients understand procedures and the options available to them. He has a genuine compassionate and caring nature which make each patient feel special and well cared for. Procedures are done with precision and great detail. Brandon is an asset to the medical profession and Advanced Dermatology. I have been a patient of AD for over 20 years at several different locations and feel blessed to have been treated by such a dedicated professional."
--Kathleen about Brandon Nieves, PA-C

"Very knowledgeable and realistic. I had a very bad breakout with cystic acne that sprung up out of no where and David was the only dermatologist who prescribed the right medicine to treat it (I saw two dermatologist before him who didn't help). I saw David after my acne cleared to talk about options for removing my acne scars and he took the time to answer all my questions. He is the only dermatologist I trust!"
--Ashley Folsom about David Fitzmaurice, PA-C

"I had fillers done for the first time with Dr. Potter. My face with showing aging in my cheeks and lower face. The results are amazing and beyond what I ever imagined. She was very caring and gentle. She smiled the whole time which shows how much she loves what she does. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for cosmetic work or a dermatologist."
--Kim about Marisa Potter, MD, FAAD

"EXCELLENT DOCTOR! professional and very special staff - Thank you"
--Linora B about Igor Chaplik, DO

"My wife and I have been long term patients of DR.FU. She has Taken care of our skin problems for many years. We both agree she is a very skilled doctor and there is no doubt she is one of the very best when it comes to skin problems.Very Professional and Courteous. Thank you Doctor Jan FU. --James"
--James Scott about Jan Fu, MD, PhD, FAAD

"My wife and I have been long term patients of DR.FU. She has Taken care of our skin problems for many years. We both agree she is a very skilled doctor and there is no doubt she is one of the very best when it comes to skin problems.Very Professional and Courteous. Thank you Doctor Jan FU. --James"
--James Scott about Jan Fu, MD, PhD, FAAD

"Kelli Clair is phenomenal. I first met her when I had severely broken out right after I started my second year of college. Kelli is kind, respectful, and she has a very good get-it-done attitude! I was skeptical of isotretinoin but Kelli always assured me that everything was going to be OK and sure enough my skin (thanks to modern medicine & Kelli) has never, ever looked better. It took me a long time to find a good derm like Kelli. I will recommend her to my friends & family members. She is just that awesome. :)"
--Amanda Melvin about Kelli Clair, PA-C

"excellent-best exam ever!"
--rick d about James Breen, PA-C

"I started to see Ms. Reinu, about continually having very sore and chafed skin. I had been to 2 other Dermotoligists, who took my prior insurance. I had to change insurance companies, and f favorably, Ms.Reinu, was the first Physician Assistant, I saw! She prescribed a special compound to include something for pain. No one ever addressed pain before. She explained everything very thorough and other concerns were addressed. She was very patient and understanding and I never felt rushed. I have returned there a few times and continually I am very pleased! Additionally, I have been able to refer 3 friends to her and everyone is extremely grateful!"
--Kathleen Marinelli about Reeli Reinu, PA-C

--Emilia Fuerte about Tiffany Byrd, PA-C

"Excellent dermatologist. Identified my skin lesions and rendered appropriate and responsive treatment. Friendly, responsive staff. Easy to obtain appointments. Very reasonable wait times, 10-15 minutes at most. I saw him today for removal of a cancerous lesion. Waitied 5 minutes. His clinical staff member, Minou, took me into the treatment room and immediately began preparations for the surgery. She was very professional and took the time to go over the written post-op instructions, something I rarely experience. Dr. Boyd performed the surgery in an efficient manner. As has been my experience in the past, I expect scarring to be minimal if any. Highly recommended."
--Scott McNary about David Boyd, MD

"Best Derm in South West Florida..."
--Chris Loman about Thomas Singer, DO

"The BEST dermatologist in Central Florida! I was referred to Dr. Mendelsohn by my dermatologist in N.J. I had a bad case of cystic acne. While I'm sitting in the room, Dr. Mendelsohn comes in, introduces himself, takes a seat, puts his feet up on the wall and goes, "Sooo..What do you want from me?" LOL! He has a GREAT sense of humor! He explained the process of my treatment and recommended a cleansing system that I use to this day! Dr. Mendelsohn has a wealth of knowledge and takes the time to share it with his patients. It's been years since I've seen him and my skin looks great! I had to post when I saw this. Thank you Dr. Mendelsohn. You're a Class Act."
--Linda Marshall about Herbert Mendelsohn, MD

"Dr Chapik is the best doctor I ever have gone too! Bedside manner of a saint! <<<<<<<^^^^^"
--Kathryn Smith about Igor Chaplik, DO

"I have had several hydrafacials with Mandy and the results have been fantastic! She is very kind and attentive. Her warm personality and friendliness makes every visit a real treat. Mandy is very knowledgeable about the skin care products at the practice and she is able to recommend products that meet my needs. I highly recommend Mandy, she's the best!"
--Ashley about Sherie Mandy Silla

"I first brought my young son to Dr. Chaplik for eczema I couldn't get under control. He had been given a number of medications but none worked. Dr. C took time to explain to me how to use what I already had in hand. After such a positive experience, I decided to switch as well. He has found a few pre-cancers and has been a great derm for me and my family. Highly recommend!"
--April about Igor Chaplik, DO

"Mandy is a brilliant skin "reader." I first came to her for coolsculpting which she has deep experience with. While talking to her during the session, we came up with a plan to treat my extensive hyperpigmentation. Three peels and A few Hydrafacial treatments over the course of a few months has made all the difference. The before and after pictures are absolutely indisputable. I've sent my mom and friends to her I'm that impressed."
--April about Sherie Mandy Silla

"Mandy is very professional !!!! I did 2 sections of coolsculping and I love my results :) recently I did my Vi Peel i got amazing results. The peel Help me with the sun spots and even my skin tone. Mandy is very knowledge and i love having a spa day with her. Thank you so much !!"
--Susan Bonilla about Sherie Mandy Silla

"I have been dealing with skin problems for several years now with no success. I just started going to David and right from the beginning he was able to tell me what was wrong and what I needed to do to make things better. He also gave me the medications I needed. He pays attention to detail and takes time to listen to what you have to say. I am happy that I have finally found a doctor that actually cares about his patients and I would recommend him to anybody who is looking for a great dermatologist."
--Charity Gorman about David Fitzmaurice, PA-C

"He's a very caring & nice person! The whole staff is very nice and friendly."
--Gordon about Brandon Nieves, PA-C

"Unfortunately, I have had too many Mohse surgeries. Being treated by Dr. Podnos made it palatable. Not only is he a fine Dr. and Surgeon, He's very caring. I would highly recommend him. In addition I would like to acknowledge his assistants, Mona Brown and Suzie Rohatsch, for being professional and very caring."
--alexander katz about Scott Podnos, MD

"Dr. Bernstein is a wonderful Dr. I would recommend her to anyone in search of a Dermatologist. In addition I would point out that her assistant, Christie Johnston, is great at her job."
--alexander katz about Jessica Bernstein, D.O.

"He's a very caring & nice person. The whole staff is very nice and friendly"
--Gordon about Brandon Nieves, PA-C

"Great! Very Warm! Thank you :)"
--Jeanette about Brandon Nieves, PA-C

"Mandy is beyond professional and personal. Very polite always, courteous, and an over abundance of knowledge when it comes to skincare. I have nothing BUT POSITIVE COMMENTS WHEN IT COMES TO HER, DR. SANTOS AND THE OTHER STAFF MEMBERS IN THIS OFFICE. I am a 42 yoa female that has had severe acne my entire life. I have purchased several products from there office and couldn't be any happier. Thank You all again for such wonderful service to all."
--Yolanda Damiano about Sherie Mandy Silla

"Mandy has preformed two peels for me with in the last year for my acne scars and, I am very happy with the results. Many was extremely helpful in finding the right peel for me as well as checking on my progress after the peel. I highly recommend Mandy for future visits."
--Sara Lopez about Sherie Mandy Silla

"I had to cope with extreme itching for about a year. My regular doctor prescribed two different medications and neither worked. I decided to see a dermatologist and set up an appointment with Yaquelin Quintero,NP. She checked me out, prescribed a medication, and it worked. I'm very grateful for the relief."
--Charles Marullo about Yaquelin Quintero, ARNP-C

"Amazing surgeon, I 'll never forget how kind he was."
--Debbie Deyoung about Rafael Schulze, MD

"Ms Byrd is one of the best medical professionals I have ever been to. I go to her once a year for a full body skin cancer scan. Not something I look forward to but she makes me so comfortable. She is so nice and super caring."
--Deborah Garvin about Tiffany Byrd, PA-C

"Dr. Barnett has been my Dermatologist for the past 25+ years. Being born with a large portwine birthmark on my face, at the age of 50 I found Dr. Barnett. I had waited my whole life for a miracle and Dr. Barnett with his kindness, knowledge, patience, and care, has removed 95% of it through laser treatment. I call him my savior and thank him for all he has done for me. In addition, he is just an excellent Dermatologist and a very kind human being."
--Fran about Jay M. Barnett, MD

"Great doctor very personable very professional quality work one of the best"
--James Stewart about Stephan Levitt, MD

"Thank you Monica.. you are best of the best always there with your knowledge."
--susy cute about Mónica Helm

"I have followed Dr Bernard from Georgia to Florida as luck will have it, and he is GREAT!. He knows his "Materia Medica" quite well and has excellent patient skills as well as thoroughness. You can do no better!:)"
--Carlos Jurado about James Bernard, DO

"I have been a patient at Advanced Dermatology and Cosmetic Surgery (formally known as Lakeland Dermatology) for 30 years. They recently added an additional Certified Physicians Assistant to their staff, Kruti Gandhi, MPH, PA-C. Kruti Gandhi has been treating me for my dermatology needs and I find her to be very knowledgeable. Since she has been treating me I have noticed a definite improvement to my skin. I feel comfortable being under her care and I have much confidence in her. She is a definite asset to Advanced Dermatology and Cosmetic Surgery."
--Neil D about Kruti Gandhi, MPH, PA-C

"I like the staff here. They were very pleasant and knowledgeable."
--Paul R about Yaquelin Quintero, ARNP-C

"Arielle is always so friendly & reassuring! Thank you! Great Staff!"
--Monica about Arielle Rought, PA-C

"Excellent care & treatment!"
--Robert about Brandon Nieves, PA-C

"That went great! Super quick & easy!"
--Melanie about Brandon Nieves, PA-C

"very courteous"
--francis b about James Breen, PA-C

"was very pleased with dr and nurse. made me very comfortable on my first visit!"
--sueAnn m about James Breen, PA-C

"She's the best!"
--Barbara about Ann Lidoski, PA-C

"I had previously seen 3 dermatologists plus numerous family doctors over a twelve year period. I had tried every possible option for over the counter and prescription medications/ointments/gels/lotions. The problem persisted with no improvement. After one visit with Dr. Perryman, I now have a gel that has provided complete relief for my symptoms. I waited several months to write the testimonial, to be sure the solution was not temporary, providing relief for only a few days. After years of significant discomfort, I now have a long-term solution to regulate and control my condition."
--Brian about Jenny Perryman, MD

"I rely on Dr. Jay Barnett for annual sun damage screening and repair of my skin. I believe that Dr. Barnett is very skilled,caring and personable for my needs."
--john schlecht about Jay M. Barnett, MD

"She did our follow up exams today in Mason to check some spots that are being monitored. Very friendly and personable, professional, thorough, and took time to answer our questions and talk with us about her findings. 5 stars.,"
--Craig Kinsman about Lauren Churchey, MSN, FNP

"***Dr. Peter Neidenbach is the BEST. He takes his time and does a great job. I highly recommend him to anyone looking for the a great dermatologist *****"
--Angela Aguirre about Peter J. Neidenbach, M.D. , FAAD

"Quick service!! Very friendly."
--Brian about Tom Van Hyning, PA-C

"Best doctor ever!!"
--Brian about Marty Yungmann, DO

"Staff are wonerful. The nurse was amazing. She made me feel comfortable. Thank you to all. I will tell my friends. Recommend this office."
--Cindy about Marty Yungmann, DO

"Amazing. Super fast and great!"
--Cheyanne about Tom Van Hyning, PA-C

"Very professional and personable! Ann and her "intern". Thank you !"
--Dee about Ann Lidoski, PA-C

"(As Always!) Perfect visit. All personell are professional in appearance and they are very polite and organized."
--Therese about Ann Lidoski, PA-C

"Love your staff, so friendly-felt like I was with family!!"
--Linda about Ann Lidoski, PA-C

"Excellent care and service. Answered all questions- Great Service"
--Maude S. about Madeliene Gainers, MD

"Absolutely wonderful service, super nice people. I couldn't be any more pleased with Michelle. Thank you very much!"
--Randall Harrison about Michelle Hopkins, PA-C

"excellent, very pleased, efficient"
--gary b about James Breen, PA-C

"Very quick and no pain whatsoever. Glad I came in."
--louis b about James Breen, PA-C

"Lovely and pleasant Provider. Always very cordial and inviting Thanks Bunches"
--Pamela P. about Douglas Robins, MD

--Peter and Colleen Slifker about William E. Steffes, M.D.

"Wonderful,caring,professional at the Springfield location. Dr. Bahl and staff are great, we really appreciate all you have done."
--Raymond Adkins about Shalini Bahl, MD

"Nurse Jennifer was most gracious, sweet, understanding, helpful kind and very terrific."
--Allen about Rafael Schulze, MD

--William Guillinan about Lisa Wall, PA-C

"After 2 doctors, I finally found the only doctor who helped me.He is one of the best doctor in JACKSONVILLE, FL don't waste your time looking for dermatology he is the one you need. Paul"
--Paul Tam about Douglas Robins, MD

"Wonderful visit - I was very nervous & they calmed me just fine. Thanks"
--Frances about Brandon Nieves, PA-C

"Last Month I had a severe allergic reaction on my skin but was unaware as to what it was. I walked in and immediately her staff brought me to the back to meet with Sarah Siak as I have been a patient of hers. Without hesitation they took immediate care and educated me on the life threatening risks of allergic reactions which was new to me. She made sure I went to the ER. That spoke volumes in the type of character Sarah and her employees exude. Thank you."
--Laura Long about Sarah Siak, PA-C

"She is AWESOME."
--Debra Epstein about Nicole Sherer, ARNP

"Arielle is gentle, personable, & smart. The perfect combination to keep me happy, healthy, & looking good."
--David about Arielle Rought, PA-C

"Great visit, vicki, marisol, amanda and maria are the best!"
--Jessica about Augusto Montalvo, M.D.

"I am very happy I see Kruti Gandhi, she treats me very well, friendly and caring. My condition got great improvement in only a few visits. I would highly recommend Kruti Gandhi to everyone!"
--Le Han about Kruti Gandhi, MPH, PA-C

"Went in with an unknown extensive rash, very uncomfortable and sore. After visiting my GP on numerous occasions, no solution could be found. Michelle was wonderful from the get go, very professional and I just knew she'd find a solution for my rash. She did! Within 2 weeks it had disappeared, she also called me when I left a message at the office as to how to use my medication, she is very helpful and doesn't mind if you ask a lot of questions. Don't lose her, she's a gem."
--Sandra Yandoh about Michelle Hopkins, PA-C

"Great visit!"
--B Sullivan about William E. Steffes, M.D.

"I would Like to thank Igor Chaplik, for his sincerity and attentiveness. Too the staff who ALL were very welcoming. This was My first experience with DO.Chaplik & Advanced Dermatology. I would recommend your office to anyone seeking Dermatological Care. Sincerely E.A. White"
--Edward White about Igor Chaplik, DO

"The culture in this office Fairbanks) is AMAZING- EVERYONE is so Pleasant - and warmly greet you & make you comfortable. I have every confidence in Amber and will be back for any procedure I might need. I am 85 - I know a great place when I see one. Thank you"
--Marney about Amber Blair, PA-C
"Director at Large”- Florida Society of Dermatology Physician Assistants (FSDPA)

"Great - Thorough - Friendly"
--Norman about Arielle Rought, PA-C

"I thank him so much for working with me on my arms and listening about my legs. Mary God bless him as Dr. Curry has blessed me. Thank you!"
--Valerie about Sidney Curry, MD

"Excellent care"
--joseph d about James Breen, PA-C

"Excellent and thorough job. Thank you"
--terry s about James Breen, PA-C

"Mr. Warta is so caring and professional. I have seen him numerous times for various concerns and he always takes his time and never makes me feel rushed. He asks questions and listens. I would recommend Mr. Warta to anyone without hesitation."
--Christine Nelson about Steven Warta, MPAS, PA-C

"Ann, This is just an expresiion of my appreciation for you always being so kind, caring, and patient with me. Also giving me a break in price when you can. Truly are a very special lady and I'm glad I have you in my life! Again, thank you so much for all that you do fo rme."
--Mickey about Ann Lidoski, PA-C

"I am extremely happy with the friendly service Kruti provides for myself and my family. She is very professional, warm, caring and above all, puts the best interests of my family first. I would recommend her 100 out of 100 times to anyone who asks for a great dermatologist!!"
--Alyssa about Kruti Gandhi, MPH, PA-C

"The Doctor has performed a number of Mohs Surgeries on me. He's always professional and compassionate. I will only allow him to operate on me. A great Doctor......."
--alexander katz about Scott Podnos, MD

"Amazing place , great people and staff. Thank you. My hair is growing back."
--Lance Brown about Reeli Reinu, PA-C

"From the front desk staff to the Dr. Check in , check out by far the best experience this 92 year old patient has ever had. Thank Jesus and Y'all for your gifts!"
--Aurora Forth about Reeli Reinu, PA-C

"After seeing several General Doctors, I was told to see a Specialist. Dr. McAskill was recommended and he was 100% correct in his diagnosis. I have no more skin issues and my confidence is back. Thank you for your spot on recommendations, Doctor!"
--Nicholas Roof about Stephen McAskill, MD

"1st visit, outstanding patient rapport"
--Dewey Ballew about Augusto Montalvo, M.D.

"Arielle & Michelle (MA) They are both outstanding and make you feel safe and cal. Love them!"
--Denise about Arielle Rought, PA-C

"Amber & the staff are very friendly and up beat and down to earth, the visits are pleasant and fun, keep up the good work."
--Tyrone about Amber Blair, PA-C
"Director at Large”- Florida Society of Dermatology Physician Assistants (FSDPA)

"Very good. I like very much."
--Maria about Ann Lidoski, PA-C

"He was great!"
--Samantha about Tom Van Hyning, PA-C

"Great team! Attentive and informative. Tom Van Hyning is kind, patient, and caring. Thank you. Will recommend your office!"
--Edith about Tom Van Hyning, PA-C

"Awesome!! Great personality!"
--Susan about Tom Van Hyning, PA-C

"Have been going to Advanced Dermatology for 15+ years and have been with Dr. Klem since Dr. Garland retired. She is terrific. Both Suzie and Mona, who I've know since I began there as a patient, are the best."
--Dave Seltzer about Patricia Klem, DO

"He and his nurse were the best. Both made me feel very relaxed. Thank you"
--joyce v about James Breen, PA-C

"I highly recommend Svetlana. She's not only a consummate professional but is also very caring and devoted to her clients. Svetlana is very knowledgeable and I trust her recommendations completely. I've been a client for a few months, but my skin looks better now than it has in years. I'm very happy with the results."
--Veronica about Svetlana Aizenshtat

"I was treated with so much respect and kindness! I felt that she addressed every single need I had. I was very impressed with her communication skills and her one on one interaction with me. The medical assistants and other staff were very kind as well. Special thanks to Macy and Chelsea as well. This is the kind of treatment everyone should have when they visit a doctors office. Much thanks to Kruti and staff! You all are a blessing!"
--Terri Zonner about Kruti Gandhi, MPH, PA-C

"Arielle & Michelle (MA) - they are both outstanding & make you feel safe & calm. Love them!"
--Denise about Arielle Rought, PA-C

"Mandy and Amanda are very kind and personable. Knowledgeable and visit was very pleasant. All staff were very friendly. Thanks"
--Clarence Schaffer about Mandy Moore, ARNP-C

"I received a Vi Peel a few weeks ago from Mandy and I am so impressed by the results. First of all Mandy is very professional and extremely knowledgeable. She called to check on my progress and was so helpful. I am very impressed with Mandy and everyone in the Oakland Park Office. Thanks Mandy and Jason Santos!"
--Kristine Wilken about Sherie Mandy Silla

"Mandy gave me my first Vi facial peel last week, and I can't believe the change in my skin. At 43, my face looks brighter, more clear, and firmer than it has in 15 years. Just one peel cleared away about 80% of the hyper-pigmentation from sun damage, and I can't wait to see how it looks after my 2nd peel. Highly recommend Mandy, Jason Santos and the staff."
--Amy about Sherie Mandy Silla

"Excellent care by Dr. Spohr and Rhonda."
--Theresa Specht about Kevin Spohr, DO

"Michelle is very friendly.I was Losing my hair & she has gave me 3 treatments so far. Seems to know what she is doing. I say seems only because I have only had 3 treatments & it is starting too grow back, it just takes a long time. I would recommend her."
--Lynn Tippin about Michelle Hopkins, PA-C

"Just completed my first visit to Denver Dermatology. Over the years, I have been to many physicians including Dermatologist. From the moment you walk into the office throughout the MD contact, nothing but high marks from my experience. Administratively; quick & smooth, clinically; Dr. Simodyes was professional & from my judgement extremely competent.Checkout was fast & accurate. YES, I would go back in a flash! L.R. De Carolis Ph.D."
--Louis De Carolis about Joe Simodynes, M.D.

"Very nice and efficient. Thanks. I will recommend her to friends."
--Ms. Deborah Baugh about Reeli Reinu, PA-C

"Great , looking forward to results."
--Aaliyah Warren about Reeli Reinu, PA-C

"Not only is she kind but her energy is just radiant. I look forward to a relaxing, enjoyable time and leaving feeling great about my skin. The treatments are great and pain free. I also take my 14 year old for her teen acne issues and Beth has managed to help clear her face. She also leaves there feeling great about herself. I recommend Beth with her gentle hands and great facials and treatments!"
--Jessica Menendez about Beth Gomez

"I was running late for my appointment by a few minutes. I was rescheduled for an hour later.I had a question about treatment for precancerous area on my nose so I arrived at the office since I was close. I saw Jim in the parking lot and asked him if he had time for a quick question (Looked like he was going to Lunch). He answered my question and I told him I would see him later. He said come on in it will only take a moment. Unbelievable in this day and age. What a remarkable caring young man, a tribute to your firm. And the office staff is the best!"
--Daniel Davis about James Breen, PA-C

"I was running late for my appointment by a few minutes. I was rescheduled for an hour later.I had a question about treatment for precancerous area on my nose so I arrived at the office since I was close. I saw Jim in the parking lot and asked him if he had time for a quick question (Looked like he was going to Lunch). He answered my question and I told him I would see him later. He said come on in it will only take a moment. Unbelievable in this day and age. What a remarkable caring young man, a tribute to your firm. And the office staff is the best!"
--Daniel Davis about James Breen, PA-C

"I have been treated so well when I got to Advanced Dermatology. I see Kruti Gandhi, MPH, PA-C. She treats me very well, does great work, explains procedures to me, answers all of my questions, and is very concerned about the reason for my visit. I am very happy with my service. Way to go Kruti Gandhi, MPH, PA-C.... Keep up the good work."
--Kimberly Smith about Kruti Gandhi, MPH, PA-C

"Thank you Libia my facial was amazing my skin looks great;) I purchased the new face it is wonderful I look great feel great I highly recommend Libia she is wonderful."
--Susie about Libia Correa

"Super staff, great Doctor. A+"
--James Smith about Valenie Rivera-Roig, M.D.

"I cannot say enough about my dermatologist Harold Milstein, MD. I had a recalcitrant wart that no other dermatologist could remove without it recurring. However, Dr. Milstein, performed cryosurgery and the wart was totally destroyed without pain or scar. Dr. Milstein is not only a good dermatologist and surgeon, he is a gentlemen and very empathetic. I will be returning for more treatment of my dermatological conditions when necessary. Alan"
--alan about Harold Milstein, MD

"I had a MOH's procedure on Tuesday Aug 11. Despite warnings of bleeding and pain, I suffered neither. I cannot commend enough Dr Moorhead's skill especially in wound closure. The wound remains clean and is healing well. Thank You Dr Moorhead."
--James Lee about Christine Moorhead, MD, FAAD

--Richard about Michelle Hopkins, PA-C

"All I can say is EXCELLENT! I finally will have relief. Thank you"
--Susan about Michelle Hopkins, PA-C

"Outstanding people, caregivers. Thank you, for a great experience and results."
--Robert Wallace about Sarah Siak, PA-C

"Very impressed with everyone!!! Great experience very pleased. Thank you!"
--Kathleen Hamilton about Lisa Wall, PA-C

"I had a wonderful experience with Dr Perryman and her staff. Friendly, quick and professional. I would recommend her to anyone."
--Angela Davidson about Jenny Perryman, MD

"Arielle is absolutely wonderful. She always makes me feel comfortable and provides me with excellent knowledge about procedures I have had done under her care. I would not hesitate to recommend her to everyone!"
--Sherry Madl about Arielle Rought, PA-C

"very kind, gentle and thorough. Highly professional and he looks into your eyes as a professional should."
--brenda k about James Breen, PA-C

"I enjoy talking with Reeli. Lots of good information."
--Kalona Wint about Reeli Reinu, PA-C

"I have just had my 3rd skin cancer removal done by Dr. Podnos. He has great "bedside" manor but more important he exhibits the confidence and skill that quickly puts you at ease. He is definitely a valuable asset to your team."
--Gary Lillig about Scott Podnos, MD

"Corbin - Ryan and I would recommend you, no doubt! Very professional.... Ryan is very glad we found you. Keep up the good work!"
--Yvette Chavez about Corbin B. Rogers, PA-C

"Staff of Advanced. I am very pleased with the professionalism of staff and Dr. Rivera."
--Trevor Phillips about Valenie Rivera-Roig, M.D.

"Very nice employees! Excelente ambiente, muchas gracias por sus servicios. Translation: Great atmosphere, thank you so much for your services."
--Marisabel Graux about Valenie Rivera-Roig, M.D.

"Staff and Doctor very friendly and helpful."
--Bernadette Boyle about Valenie Rivera-Roig, M.D.

"Super Professional and very knowledgeable. Dr. Reinu takes time to explain and I appreciate that."
--Wes about Reeli Reinu, PA-C

"A wonderful visit at the office as usual. The entire staff was polite, helpful, and accommodating to my needs from the time I walked in the office until I closed the door on the way out. Dr. J Gottlieb is an amazing doctor which is why I always return to his office. Before the procedure today, he explained the steps that he would be taking in great detail and why to be sure that I understood the ins and outs of the procedure. During the procedure, he was always concerned with my comfort level. The procedure was painless, like I predicted, but greatly appreciate his thoughtfulness. He talked to me while he was performing the procedure which definitely is a plus in my book since it takes my mind off of the procedure itself. Once the procedure was complete, he personally reviewed the post-surgery tips sheet with me and asked if I had any additional questions. He thoroughly answered all of my questions and provided me with a contact number, if I should more questions, prior to leaving the examination room. Another great experience"
--Dawm Basso about Jay S. Gottlieb, D.O., F.A.O.C.D., F.O.C.O.O.

"Dr. Gottlieb has been our family's dermatologist for many years. His expertise and experience is commendable. His rapport with his patients and genuine interest in patient wellness is like no other. His staff is knowledgeable and friendly. I highly recommend Dr. Gottlieb without hesitation."
--Jackie L about Jay S. Gottlieb, D.O., F.A.O.C.D., F.O.C.O.O.

--BERNESE BROWN about Michelle Hopkins, PA-C

"Great care!"
--Amy King about Herbert Mendelsohn, MD

"Fabulous Doctor! Him and his assistant Vicki were very caring. I would highly recommend!"
--Carol about Augusto Montalvo, M.D.

"The best professional out there."
--linda about Kim Hughes, ARNP-C, DNP

"The best professional out there."
--linda about Kim Hughes, ARNP-C, DNP

"Kim is the only provider that ive met in northern Florida, that actually has compassion and understanding for her patients. She is the only provider that helped me over everyone including pcp office. Ultimatelty, i ended up being hospitalized because of pcp not taking Kim seriously. Kim also faxed all documentation to back up her diagnosis. Kim, called me to check on me and give me my new results from new cultures. I told her i was hospitalized and was happy I was getting taken care of."
--linda sparda about Kim Hughes, ARNP-C, DNP

"Very nice, caring, and funny! Best care I have ever received."
--James about Michelle Hopkins, PA-C

"So helpful and nice! So informative!"
--Candice about Sharon Liles, AES

"Very good! Always pleasant and caring. Makes me feel comfortable!"
--Dennis about Kevin Spohr, DO

"Very courteous, and professional; highly recommended!"
--Don about Sidney Curry, MD

"Excellent! Michelle absolutely rocks! Very pleasant and professional!"
--Merilynne about Michelle Hopkins, PA-C

"Friendly, competent, thorough, very pleased with the visit and Michelle!"
--Gary about Michelle Hopkins, PA-C

"Excellent doctor!"
--Len about Sidney Curry, MD

"Fantastic Dr. Very Knowledgeable. Can't wait to see him in 2 weeks. Everything was awesome!"
--Dallas about Sidney Curry, MD

"Love her. I will def. recommend her to others!"
--Cathy about Michelle Hopkins, PA-C

"Absolutely AMAZING!"
--Carmen about Michelle Hopkins, PA-C

"Very informative, extremely professional, friendly, engaging. Thanks!"
--Gabriella K about Yaquelin Quintero, ARNP-C

"Great Staff! Wonderful! personalities very personable. thank you for the fast service"
--Dorienne about Arielle Rought, PA-C

"This is the most caring and considerate Doctor I have ever worked with. She takes time with me to understand what I am going through and sets up an effective action plan to solve the challenge I am experience. Walking me through each step so I am fully aware and confident through whatever procedure I need. A doctor these days that really cares about the patients well being is very scarce and she still brings that to the table. I'm a patient for life!"
--Sharon Kartikis about Jessica Bernstein, D.O.

""Sarah and Lisa are so fabulous! Took great care of me.""
--Stephen about Sarah Siak, PA-C

""Sarah and Lisa are so fabulous! Took great care of me.""
--Stephen about Sarah Siak, PA-C

"Tiffany has done all of my procedures starting with Botox than moving on to fillers. She is professional, pleasant and knowledgeable. I rely on her judgement and have always been thrilled with the results. She makes sure the results looks natural not plastic. Always takes the time to discuss in detail what she is doing and what results you can expect. She is one in a million and I would follow her anywhere."
--Mary Jane Miller about Tiffany McMurray, ARNP-BC

"Great! Came highly recommended by my mother Sonya Del Castillo."
--Jennifer Bennett about Reeli Reinu, PA-C

"Great! Came highly recommended by my mother"
--Jennifer Bennett about Reeli Reinu, PA-C

""muy buen trato de todo el personal, carinosa y explicativa de todo" translation Excellent personal service, loving and explained everything."
--Margit Juhasz about Valenie Rivera-Roig, M.D.

"I LOVE Dr. James! She is the consummate professional and is an OUTSTANDING dermatologist. Although she is very busy, she takes the time to listen and address your concerns. I've always left her office extremely satisfied. The front office staff are very courteous and professional as well. I highly recommend her to anyone needing a dermatologist."
--Dana McCoy about Robyn James, MD

"Mandy gave me a facial last week. It was the best ever. When I got home and looked in my magnifying mirror, I couldn't believe how my pores were closed and my skin bright. She was very thorough explaining my daily morning and night routines. Her personality was delightful and I will definitely return."
--Gail Jacobson about Sherie Mandy Silla

"Mrs. McMurray has been my dermatologist for several years and is hands down the most professional and caring medical practitioner I have ever treated with. Mrs. McMurray takes the time to listen to my concerns and always provides exceptional service. She has performed Botox on me for several years and the results are always phenomenal. She places an emphasis on a natural outcome, without leaving you looking like you've had anything done. I travel quite a distance to see her, as I don't trust anyone else to touch my face."
--Elizabeth Boan about Tiffany McMurray, ARNP-BC

"Very patient with my questions."
--Wanda B about Yaquelin Quintero, ARNP-C

"Saw Dr. G for my annual check after seeing another derm for years. He was thorough and address things the other office never mentioned, like precancerous spots."
--Michael about Josep Genebriera, M.D.

"Dr. G worked on 3 warts that an other office treated for more than 2 yrs. He did one treatment and one topical prescription and that cleared it up. Thank you."
--Ashley about Josep Genebriera, M.D.

"My wife and I both have seen Dr. Bahl, and we couldn't be more satisified with the service and how professional she is. She was kind and friendly to both of us. She also took time to explain everything to us about what we visited her for."
--william damron about Shalini Bahl, MD

"Carly has helped me to feel so much better about myself. She explained to me how certain medications and procedures will help the issues I see in my skin. I would recommend her to any and all of my friends I feel like she is the best!!!!"
--Leonardo about Carly Tanner, M.M.S., PA-C

"I been going to Monica for a few months now. I had the best Facil ever she the best in town."
--Lizbeth Silvestre about Mónica Helm

"So kindful , gets job done. So sweet. Will recommend anyone to Reeli"
--Yutayah Chappell about Reeli Reinu, PA-C

"I have seen her several times and she is amazing!"
--Lisa Westbrook about Tiffany McMurray, ARNP-BC

"Glad to call this my new home. Great advice and help. See you soon."
--Lance Brown about Reeli Reinu, PA-C

"its a great pleasure visiting the orange ave office. thanks pa sarah and her staff. they are professional"
--anand about Sarah Siak, PA-C

"excellent exam and follow up..professional yet personable"
--thomas about Sarah Siak, PA-C

"I want to commend Dr. Christine Moorhead on a job well done. I had skin cancer on my forehead and she removed it three weeks ago today. I was very concerned about scaring as I am younger then most of her patients and did not want a big scar on my face. She took a few extra minutes to make sure the stitches were done in such a way that only after three weeks you cannot see any marks on my face. I am really impressed and although the surgery was not fun the outcome was way more successful than I ever thought. KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK !!!"
--Michelle Miller about Christine Moorhead, MD, FAAD

"I want to commend Dr. Christine Moorhead on a job well done. I had skin cancer on my forehead and she removed it three weeks ago today. I was very concerned about scaring as I am younger then most of her patients and did not want a big scar on my face. She took a few extra minutes to make sure the stitches were done in such a way that only after three weeks you cannot see any marks on my face. I am really impressed and although the surgery was not fun the outcome was way more successful than I ever thought. KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK !!!"
--Michelle Miller about Christine Moorhead, MD, FAAD

"Phoenix Ta was very professional and courteous throughout the procedure. I would definitely recommend this office to friends and family."
--Jesse Carreiro about Phoenix Ta, ARNP

"very EXCELLENT CARE !!!!"
--ANN C about Lisa Wall, PA-C

"I recently visited Phoenix Ta at the Waterford location. I have been searching for a dermatologist that would see my skin condition for what it is, and not want to do biopsy after biopsy. After a quick and painless visit with her my psoriasis is now under control and I am pain free. I highly recommend Phoneix and Advanced Dermatology to anyone looking for people who truly care about you and your results.Thank you Phoenix and Advanced Dermatology. My quality of life is now restored!"
--David Watson about Phoenix Ta, ARNP

"Very good!"
--Luz Rodriguez about Reeli Reinu, PA-C

"James took his time explaining issues. Very pleasant. Thank you."
--lydia j about James Breen, PA-C

"After becoming concerned about spots on my nose that didn't seem to heal I contacted Advanced Dermatology for an appointment with Dr. Bernstein. She listened as I explained the reason for my visit. Her calm, caring bedside manner put me right at ease. After a brief exam she explained my options for treatment. I was fortunate and my spots were pre-cancerous and treated immediately by Dr. Bernstein. I scheduled my next appointment with her for a full body check to ensure there are no other areas on my skin I may have overlooked. I'm so happy my family has found a great dermatologist. Thank you Dr. Bernstein!"
--Deborah Januschewski about Jessica Bernstein, D.O.

"Great service-made me feel very comfortable with no pain-great bedside manners. Front desk very friendly."
--Sharon about Ann Lidoski, PA-C

"Very great service"
--Geane Daniel about Tom Van Hyning, PA-C

"Reeli is very good at relaying message to patient. I feel like a new person today after talking with her."
--Dowdell Carey about Reeli Reinu, PA-C

"Was a great experience! Thanks (-:"
--Neftali Rodriguez about Reeli Reinu, PA-C

"I was contemplating finding a dermatologist closer to my home (Clermont)But I feel I would never find an entire staff as friendly and efficient as this one!!Thank You!! (-:"
--Constance Hufnagel about Reeli Reinu, PA-C

"Great visit. Definitely coming back."
--Gianna Graham about Reeli Reinu, PA-C

"She was wonderful, informative, caring and relatable."
--Lorna Francis about Reeli Reinu, PA-C

"June 15, 2016 I was very impressed with Ms. Moore. Not only was she professional, but her staff as well, She answered all my questions and treated me like an individual, instead of a number. The amount of forms to fill out was minamul and the wait time was 13 minutes and 53 sec from when I walked into the office. She also provided me with product samples, based on some questions I had. If you're looking for a Dermatologist in Clermont, FLorida, I would highly recommend seeing Ms. Moore."
--neil about Mandy Moore, ARNP-C

"Dr. Jose Mendez is an amazing doctor!!! He takes the time to listen to patient concerns with such kindness and compassion. Thank you for your expertise and patient care!!!"
--Perla Mocega about Jose Mendez, DO

"Amazing Visit! Dr.Steffes is awesome, he is so professional and gives a very through exam. He answered all my Questions, I will defiantly refer him to anyone needing a dermatologist."
--Lisa S about William E. Steffes, M.D.

"Very attentive, patient, and took time with each question and helped heal our skin!"
--Ana about Sidney Curry, MD

"She is wonderful and professional!"
--Pat about Michelle Hopkins, PA-C

"Excellent and delightful staff"
--Barbara about Michelle Hopkins, PA-C

"Great visit. Love the new Physician Assistant! Kendel her assistant, is awesome!"
--Jake about Michelle Hopkins, PA-C

"Excellen, accommodating! All staff has been super!"
--Laurene about Michelle Hopkins, PA-C

"Very easy setting for a biopsy! Made it very comfortable!"
--Danielle about Michelle Hopkins, PA-C

"What a GREAT bedside manner she has!!!! And she LISTENS!!!Please don't ever let her go!!!"
--Jeanne about Michelle Hopkins, PA-C

"Very good skills and appreciated their kindness!"
--James about Michelle Hopkins, PA-C

"I have struggled with acne for over 11 years. I have seen countless dermatologist and tried almost every prescription (and non prescription) available. Dr. Bernstein was the first dermatologist that really listened to my frustrations with acne and now after 5 months of treatment I am seeing the best results I ever have. Even through the monthly blood work results and online iPledge hassle, Dr. Bernstein always made me feel like it wasn't a burden. She truly made every monthly appointment enjoyable and as long as I am in Boca I will continue coming to Dr. Bernstein."
--Kara Harris about Jessica Bernstein, D.O.

""Excellent office, staff is amazing, Sarah is the best!""
--Noelish about Sarah Siak, PA-C

""It was a really great experience. I felt shy about my rash but everyone made me feel comfortable and relaxed.""
--Edward about Lauren Leavitt, PA-C

""So sweet. They were the best. Amazing furniture too!""
--Victoria about William E. Steffes, M.D.

--Lisa about William E. Steffes, M.D.

""Excellent bedside manner" "Very knowledgeable""
--John and Marina about William E. Steffes, M.D.

""Nice person" "Very through""
--Adele about William E. Steffes, M.D.

"Absolute professional made me very comfortable."
--Erik Johnson about Lisa Wall, PA-C

"Today, June 8, 2014 was the first time seeing Alfredo Sy. He was such a professional courteous young man that put me at ease very quickly. It is such a joy to find someone of this caliber in the medical profession. I hope that he remains with Advanced Dermatology for a very long time, as I will be looking forward to my next appointment with him."
--Edward Nelson about Alfredo Sy, PA-C

"I came to Arielle Rought with a severe skin case. She accessed my case promptly with such professionalism, but also treated me like family. I really appreciate the skill behind the smile. The office staff were the best."
--Elijah Goins about Arielle Rought, PA-C

--CYNTHIA SCHMIDT about Scott Podnos, MD

--Joan carroll about Lisa Wall, PA-C

"Loved Her, Visit was Great !! Thank you"
--Cynthia L. about Madeliene Gainers, MD

"I was seen by Dr Levitt for itchy, reddened areas on several parts of my body. I was very worried that that I had bedbug bites or scabies as I had just been traveling. I had gone to a walk in clinic prior to coming home and was told they were probably scabies and had been treated with elimite. Dr Levitt took one look and said I had contact dermatitis probably from poison ivy He was very reassuring and professional. Hopefully he will read this somehow as I know these days just to call him to say thank you is nearly impossible."
--Laura Rupp about Stephan Levitt, MD

"A great experience!"
--Amy about Carly Tanner, M.M.S., PA-C

"Carly has done my Botox and filler for over 3 years. I have never more confident in my appearance as I age. She is the ONLY provider that you should use for your cosmetic needs!"
--Mary about Carly Tanner, M.M.S., PA-C

"I had one dermatologist walk out of the room and not do surgery, but then I met Dr. Proper and from that day to this, no one will touch me except him. He is extremely smart, and definitely knows what he is doing and talking about. Thank you Dr. Proper for what you have done for me."
--Joan Burgess about Steven Proper, MD

"Excellent service. Very nice , happy and excellent communication all employees. I recommend. This includes PA Michael Barrera."
--Elizabeth Lugo about Reeli Reinu, PA-C

"So pleasant and thorough. Took the time to explain everything. Great visit."
--Tammy Canora about Reeli Reinu, PA-C

"Carly has been treating me for acne for many years. She always is very thorough during the exam and always has impeccable follow up. I have recommended all of my friends and family to see her for cosmetic and dermatology needs. Thank you Carly for being the most caring person!"
--Mike about Carly Tanner, M.M.S., PA-C

"Mrs. Tanner is the most caring and sincere dermatologist that I have ever went to see. She truly cares about her profession, and she makes it a pleasure to go back for regular visits. It's hard to find people as passionate as her in any field of the medical industry, especially derm."
--Vincent about Carly Tanner, M.M.S., PA-C

"I have been seeing Carly as my PA for almost 5 years now. She really takes patient care and patient education to another level. I would never see another provider in the Tampa area! She is the Best!"
--Maria about Carly Tanner, M.M.S., PA-C

"lisa was fantastic I needed a biopsy..she was absolutely gentle did not feel a thing"
--dianna about Sarah Siak, PA-C

"wonderful experience-very thorough ..knowledgeable ..will be back in 6 months"
--roslynn about Sarah Siak, PA-C

"excellent would definitely recommend and return again."
--kristen about Sarah Siak, PA-C

"I was very impressed with Dr. Hicks as well as all of her staff. She was professional, courteous, caring and concerned about my well being. Brenda, the nurse, put me at ease right away and what a personality! I actually enjoyed this office visit! I would recommend Dr. Hicks to anyone! My rating would actually be 5+ stars!!!!"
--Ronald Tillis about Maria Hicks, MD

"As excellant visit! Your staff is frienly, professional, and prompt! Thank you everyone! =)"
--Therese about Ann Lidoski, PA-C

"Phenomenal care from start to finish. Your smiles make me feel better. Thanks for everything!!"
--Samuel about Ann Lidoski, PA-C

"Fixed my problem on the first visit. Quick and friendly."
--Sean about James J. Worry, PA-C

"David is absolute marvelous! He explains everything in a clear and concise manner that is easy to understand. He is very interactive with his patients and extremely dedicated and caring. He really put me at ease! David and Mary make for a great team. I would highly recommend him for any of your Dermatology concerns."
--Angela Steele about David Fitzmaurice, PA-C

"Your front desk staff (check in and check out) were outstanding, very polite, and made me want to come back. I love Ann and her nurse."
--Sharon about Ann Lidoski, PA-C

"Awesome, took the time to ask questions. I have been treating a problem for three years. Thank you!"
--Stan about Marty Yungmann, DO

"I had a wonderful experience with both the provider and his nurse. They were over the top professionals."
--Mena about Tom Van Hyning, PA-C

"Dr. Hultsch was so kind, thorough and patient with all of my questions and concerns. I felt completely confident with her diagnosis and treatment plan. She is knowledgeable but almost more importantly she is genuine."
--Ellen about Anne-Lise Hultsch, M.D.

"Dr. James is the man! Lauren is awesome! Give them raises!"
--brian m about James Breen, PA-C

"I went to James for my botox and was so impressed I went back to get fillers in my cheeks and around my mouth. James took his time to explain everything to me and gave me his honest opinion. I am ecstatic with my results!"
--aubrey about James Breen, PA-C

"I went in for Botox and I was so impressed I went back to get filler for my cheeks and around my mouth. James was honest about treatment and explained everything in detail. I love my results!"
--Carol about James Breen, PA-C

"Everything and everyone was the best! I was so pleased the way I was treated!! Love you all!"
--Wilma about Amber Blair, PA-C
"Director at Large”- Florida Society of Dermatology Physician Assistants (FSDPA)

"Mandy knows what she's doing and can give you great advise to make your face the best it can be!"
--Patricia Roseboom about Sherie Mandy Silla

"As I'm sure most can relate, prior to my procedure to remove melignant melanoma found on my back I was extremely anxious. As soon as Dr. Bethea walked into the room I felt calm and confident that I was in good hands. My procedure was practically painless, and very quick. He did an amazing job which made the healing process way easier than I originally anticipated. My sutures were done perfectly which will leave me with minimal scaring. Thank you so much to Advanced Dermatology for your calming approach, and to Dr.Bethea for making what I anticipated to be an uncomfortable situation, as comfortable as possible. I would highly recommend Advanced Dermatology and Dr.Bethea for any of your skin care needs!"
--Samantha Kosinski about William Bethea, DO

"She very good doctor."
--Zhor about Valenie Rivera-Roig, M.D.

"Very friendly and professional"
--Robert about Kim Hughes, ARNP-C, DNP

"Very Good!!"
--Buck about Isabella Belkin, PA-C

"Wonderful bedside manner and wonderful caring provider and staff at the Port Orange office."
--Dawn about Kim Hughes, ARNP-C, DNP

"Very thorough Exam-No Pain. Thanks!!"
--Jane about Kim Hughes, ARNP-C, DNP

""From check-in to check-out EXCELLENT""
--Dania Pando about Annie Sprick, PA-C

""Excellent customer service A+ every time!""
--Eladio Del Valle about Valenie Rivera-Roig, M.D.

"Super bedside manner, good rapport with nurses! Confident in his procedures."
--Priscilla about Tom Van Hyning, PA-C

"Wonderful provider and staff. Very polite and delited."
--Olga about Tom Van Hyning, PA-C

"The doctor was very cordial and took time to explain-no rush. Laura, the front office, was cordial."
--Alan about Marty Yungmann, DO

"Very impressed with staff and Ann."
--Jim and Jane about Ann Lidoski, PA-C

"dr spencer is the best!"
--skip about Dr. James Spencer

"alex rodriguez and his nurse, cynthia are an excellent team that any patient can count on!"
--skip about Alex Rodriguez, PA-C

"very friendly. felt very comfortable. highly recommend!"
--Melissa about Tiffany Byrd, PA-C

"Everything & everyone was the best! I was so pleased the way I was treated !! Love you all!"
--Wilma about Amber Blair, PA-C
"Director at Large”- Florida Society of Dermatology Physician Assistants (FSDPA)

"Very pleasant as was entire staff. I was made to feel at ease in every way. Everyone Very pleasant!"
--Robert about Arielle Rought, PA-C

"she is very good. shes a keeper"
--diane about Sarah Siak, PA-C

"super knowledgeable calming and caring..will def be back"
--maria about Sarah Siak, PA-C

"everything was excellent I cant describe how great everything was."
--antoinette about Sarah Siak, PA-C

"Very knowledgeable and respectful. She made my first visit great for me. Thanks to her and the staff at Advanced Dermatology."
--George Williams about Annie Sprick, PA-C

"Fantastic, Heather and the doctor were the greatest!"
--Garry Sharpe about Kevin Spohr, DO

"Darren (MA) was very reassuring and helpful. Dr. Curry set my mind at ease - spending enough TIME to do so."
--Claire about Sidney Curry, MD

"Amber (PA) & Anthony (MA) I love this location and the staff - excellent!"
--James about Amber Blair, PA-C
"Director at Large”- Florida Society of Dermatology Physician Assistants (FSDPA)

"So great. I got a scan & my horrible skin reviewed & it was almost fun!! :) Such an AWESOME STAFF!!"
--Adrianne about Arielle Rought, PA-C

"Everyone in this office is Great! So helpful & friendly :)"
--Jill about Amber Blair, PA-C
"Director at Large”- Florida Society of Dermatology Physician Assistants (FSDPA)

"Great Staff."
--Cari Turchiano about Reeli Reinu, PA-C

"Very good and great with kids."
--Jaylin Gilbert about Reeli Reinu, PA-C

"Very pleasant staff. Was seen on time."
--Grisel Horta about Reeli Reinu, PA-C

"Always Professional & Courteous. A pleasure to visit!"
--J Grieve about Reeli Reinu, PA-C

"A profesional and friendly dermatology and cosmetic surgery practice. I have been a patient at the Heathrow office since it first opened eons ago ( at least 20 years maybe more!). I believe I was probably one of Dr. Matt Leavitt's first patients in this facility. I have always been treated well here, and now its is a pleasure to See Dr. Lauren Leavitt working the Heathrow office. The apple does not fall far from the tree. She is an intelligent, caring, and thorough, young lady who is very good at her job. The staff, throughout the practice from Nursing to front office and check out are awesome, I always leave this office with a good feeling about my visit."
--Julyan Hayward about Lauren Leavitt, PA-C

"Excellent attention to my care"
--Frank Ademak about James Breen, PA-C

"Amber was very pt with me & made me feel comfortable during a painful procedure. (written by a pediatric pt)"
--Rylie about Amber Blair, PA-C
"Director at Large”- Florida Society of Dermatology Physician Assistants (FSDPA)

"She is the best listener when discussing goals. lover her gentle touch & friendly demeanor! Devoted client."
--Kandus about Amber Blair, PA-C
"Director at Large”- Florida Society of Dermatology Physician Assistants (FSDPA)

"Dr. Hicks is absolutely amazing! She is professional, compassionate, and thorough. She truly cares and spends adequate time to address all of my concerns. I will be telling all of my friends and family in the Tampa area to go see her for all of their dermatology needs and concerns."
--Vincent Dlugi about Maria Hicks, MD

"Dr. Curry is the best dermatologist I have ever had! He's patient with answering my questions, has a great friendly, professional manner and knows his stuff!"
--Lynda Holland about Sidney Curry, MD

"Excellent attention to my needs"
--Frank Adamek about James Breen, PA-C

"I went to see dr klem last week i found her to be very concerned for my well being excellent dr, i will always recommend her she even went as far to follow up by calling me her not her staff i am very impressed with the service i received."
--patrick simone about Patricia Klem, DO

"I'd have to write a book! 1)Ann is beyond the moon-so talented! She is calming and soothing and professional. Great patient care and concern. 2)Dennyl, her nurse, I call her the "Divine Miss D."
--Nancy Martin about Ann Lidoski, PA-C

"Awesome =)"
--Dave Christ about Tom Van Hyning, PA-C

"Wonderful staff =)"
--Olga Mercado about Tom Van Hyning, PA-C

"I Love Dr. Curry's technique! He is just great. I am pleased with how he does things Wednesday is not a convenient day of the week for us but I make it happen because he is worth it. (Mom of two children that are patients of Dr. Curry)"
--Mary about Sidney Curry, MD

"Great Experience, really liked him! Everyone's friendly!"
--Stephen about Sidney Curry, MD

"Great Job!"
--Sherry about Sidney Curry, MD

"Excellent service, both Dr. and Rhonda. Good job!"
--Ruth Watson about Kevin Spohr, DO

"Very happy with doctor and nurses"
--Marjorie Salamone about Kevin Spohr, DO

"I was privileged to have Dr. Schulze as the Mohs procedure surgeon. I cannot thank him and the staff enough. I was very apprehensive going in for the procedure and the whole atmosphere was a calming one. The procedure was done exactly 3 weeks ago today and already the scar is fading and looks very good. What a blessing to have a doctor with such impressive credentials and also such a comforting demeanor."
--Gale Edington about Rafael Schulze, MD

"I've been going to this office for years , the staff is incredible and always treats me so well . Dr.Kristen Diehl is amazing !! I have a chronic skin condition that features pea- to marble-sized lumps under the skin that can be painful and tend to enlarge and drain pus. They usually occur where skin rubs together, such as in the armpits, groin, and buttocks and she is always so loving , delicate & caring . She always makes me feel safe when I'm under her care and has helped me tremendously getting my hs under control . So if you have hidradenitis suppurativa I defiantly recommend going to Kristen she is awesome !"
--Kimberly Lantigua about Kristen Diehl, PA-C

"For two (2) years, I have been a patient of Dr. Bahl. After having my follow-up for Rosacea, I reaffirmed again why I continue under her care. She is very knowledgeable, clearly explains diagnoses and options for treatment, conscientious of insurance, and compassionate."
--Patricia Banks about Shalini Bahl, MD

"Dr. Solomon Showed me the correct way to apply and take my medicine. Thank you for your time!"
--Kyle Spooner about James A. Solomon, MD, PhD

--George Salmons about Valenie Rivera-Roig, M.D.

"Thank you so much for giving me my face back! I no longer have to live with the burden of covering my imperfection! Thank you!!!"
--Rebecca Roth about Mandy Moore, ARNP-C

"Loved the lady and Maria. Gave me all the info I needed. Great staff at front desk"
--Cecilia Mills about Mandy Moore, ARNP-C

"Great Doc- Knows his stuff. Good personality."
--Dom Cicio about Augusto Montalvo, M.D.

"Great Doc- Knows his stuff. Good personality."
--Dom Cicio about Augusto Montalvo, M.D.

"I been working with Mercy for a long time. She has done amazing results for me. Love her"
--rajshree patel about Mercy Gonzalez

"This was the best dermatology appointment I've ever had! Other doctors rush in and out - it seems if you don't want expensive injections or laser treatments, they don't have time for you! Not Alex and Cynthia, they took their time, making jokes and made me feel at ease. I would recommend them to anybody and I definitely will be returning!"
--Joann about Alex Rodriguez, PA-C

"Very satisfied!"
--Maria about Sidney Curry, MD

"Had a great experience with Svetlana! I had never had any sort of facial or similar treatment done before. I went it for a skin pen treatment and felt like Svetlana was very knowledge, caring, and cautious about my skin. I'm very happy with my results and can't wait for my next appointment."
--Jennifer about Svetlana Aizenshtat

"The office is one of the kindest I have ever known. Love Ann!"
--Ilene Woods about Ann Lidoski, PA-C

"I have been going to Carly Tanner for my Botox for many years now. There is no one that I would trust more than Carly to do my Botox. She is professional, intelligent and friendly. She always makes me feel so comfortable when I am getting my Botox done. I highly recommend her if you are planning on getting Botox."
--Nicole Perna about Carly Tanner, M.M.S., PA-C

"She was excellent! Very kind demeanor and sweet. Thanks Isabella :)"
--Lacy G about Isabella Belkin, PA-C

"Professional, Very Pleasent"
--SuzAnn about Nancy Russ

"Very Pleasant. Gentle. Staff is nice. Glad to be back here with James Breen."
--Karen Powers about James Breen, PA-C

"Growing up in Miami, it was not surprising to have a basal cell on my face (to the right of my nose. He excised all basal cells in first round, and left a hair-thin line than blends into my laugh can barely see it, and with a touch of makeup it's undetectable. The doctors and staff are superb! I've referred friends again and again."
--Ree Robinson about Rafael Schulze, MD

"Lauren is awesome! She was extremely understanding, kind, and made me feel at ease during my visit. She even brought something to my attention that I had no idea about prior to my appointment, so I think it's safe to say she's pretty good at what she does! I'm looking forward to my skin improving more and more while being under Lauren's care. Thanks again!"
--Lindsay Hitchcock about Lauren Leavitt, PA-C

"Excellent doctor and staff. Hard to find a good doctor nowadays. Very good team."
--Charlotte D about Steven Proper, MD

"Dr. Schiavone is very professional, thorough and kind. It is my pleasure to be his patient."
--Diane Whiting about Frank E. Schiavone, M.D.

"very excellent care, good work arielle"
--Floyd about Arielle Rought, PA-C

"Amber & Aime. My visit with the people that took care of me was awesome. Also Niccole, Thanks a lot also Ms. Linda"
--Annette about Amber Blair, PA-C
"Director at Large”- Florida Society of Dermatology Physician Assistants (FSDPA)

"Even when she is at her limit & in the weeds, she still puts on her smile & treats every patient w/ love & kindness. :)"
--Amber about Amber Blair, PA-C
"Director at Large”- Florida Society of Dermatology Physician Assistants (FSDPA)

"Very satisfied with Dr. Gottlieb. show details Very satisfied with Dr. Gottlieb. by John Scott on Feb 13th, 2016 I hadn't been to Dr. Gottlieb's office for preventive screening in two years. On my previous visit he removed a cancerous mole from the bridge of my nose which healed perfectly, without any noticeable scarring. Dr. Jay greeted me this time as if he'd seen me last week, new all the details of our previous visits and even remembered tidbits from earlier conversations. I highly recommend Dr. Jay to anyone looking for a competent, courteous and knowledgeable dermatologist. My wife is also a patient of his and is equally pleased (note: she is not easy to please!). His staff is courteous, polite and helpful."
--John Scott about Jay S. Gottlieb, D.O., F.A.O.C.D., F.O.C.O.O.

"He is excellent! He explains everything in detail and listens attentively to your every word. He knew exactly the medication I needed for my skin issue. So happy with the treatment. He's knowledgeable, patient and kind. Felt relaxed and calm with Alex Rodriguez."
--silvia Rodriguez about Alex Rodriguez, PA-C

"I had a great experience with Dr. Burton and Ivy. Both were kind, professional and comfortable answering my questions and discussing options (something, in my experience, many doctors are not okay with). My recovery is far easier than previous surgeries and I have Dr. Burton to thank for that. Highly recommend."
--Aja about Michael E. Burton, M.D.

"Dr. Klem is a wonderful, caring, compassionate professional. Last week was my first visit, and I was quite concerned about a squamous cell cancer on my leg. Dr. Klem was very gentle in performing the necessary surgical procedure, and was genuinely concerned about me, as I have other serious medical issues. She is definitely a 5-star dermatologist!"
--Sarah Leftow about Patricia Klem, DO

"Dr Solomon is a perfect example of a dying breed of dermatologist s that care enough to go the extra mile to ensure wellness.. He offered a head to toe exam as opposed to saying 'see you next year' . A helpful, knowledgeable , kind, caring sweetheart if a man:)"
--Amanda Nero about James A. Solomon, MD, PhD

"Everyone was FANTASTIC! Treated my daugther with respect and joked-making her relaxed."
--Samantha Hilderbrandt about Tom Van Hyning, PA-C

"Very nice and professional and a very human person."
--Juanita about Herbert Mendelsohn, MD

"Great service provider! Great and accommodating staff! I am happy to get services here! love you =)"
--Yvonne Melendez about Tom Van Hyning, PA-C

"Great place. Very comfortable here!"
--Constance B. about Ann Lidoski, PA-C

"Excellent communication. Very knowledgeable and helpful."
--Tyler Thomas about Reeli Reinu, PA-C

"Very informative and great. Very satisfied with service."
--Michelle Robinson about Reeli Reinu, PA-C

"Awesome treatment , staff , office and equipment. Knowledgeable PA and great information provided. Great job!!"
--Isabella Rivera about Reeli Reinu, PA-C

"i definitely recommend dr. alex rodriguez and his staff!"
--skip about Alex Rodriguez, PA-C

"She Awesome . Very nice and listen she knows her stuff ."
--chandra mam about Reeli Reinu, PA-C

"The very first person to listen too me in 10 years. I feel hope. She sent me for lazer therapy. Its finally going away. I really like Carol who does the treatments. So nice. Everyone there."
--pennie kramer about Bobbie Jo Ferrell, ARNP-C

"I've had the pleasure of working for Dr. Schulze as a Mohs Tech at Brooke Army Medical Center, Fort Sam Houston and Wilford Hall Medical Center, Lackland Air Force Base. Dr. Schulze is meticulous in his surgical technique and he expects the best from his Mohs Techs. He believes that clear communication between his Mohs Techs and himself is critical to a successful team! Best wishes Dr. Schulze! T.Martin"
--TIMOTHY MARTIN about Rafael Schulze, MD

"Thank you Dr.Marisa Potter for your compassionate and wonderful care you've given my daughter who just recently moved to Miami, Florida. I appreciate your kindness and returning our phone calls as I realize your busy schedule,you are an amazing Dr.Marisa Potter. I wish ?? you all the happiness and success in your life and business. Sincerely, Ms. Scroggins"
--sharifa Scroggins about Marisa Potter, MD, FAAD

"I am so impressed by Julia's professionalism and expertise. I was dealing with a very painful cyst issue that my previous Dermatology office did not know how to treat. Julia treated my issue on the first visit and took care of the problem. This is now my new Dermatology office! The staff is very friendly and organized as well. I worked in the medical field for 15 years and highly recommend this office for it's patient care all around!"
--Patricia about Julia Storti, ARNP

"The service was excellent , I was really pleased. I did waste any time at all. The staff was great."
--Kettlie Pierre about Reeli Reinu, PA-C

"Excellent service! She knew her stuff. I feel like I am in good hands."
--Faith Whigham about Reeli Reinu, PA-C

"I had surgery done by Dr. Gill and she did an excellent job. Great office!"
--Larry about Jing F. Gill, M.D.

"Amazing visit! Got in and out very quickly, no wait time. Girls up front were awesome, Lisa has a great personality! The Nurse I saw was great! The Novocain hardly hurt at all and I'm a wimp! James is very compassionate and caring. He found my skin cancer and I had it treated with mohs surgery, very easy experience!"
--Mrs. D about James Breen, PA-C

"Mrs. Davis is one, if not the very best Dermatologist that I have had the pleasure of knowing. She doesn't just look you in the eye and say put on this cream and send you on your way. She looks at your skin and can spot areas on the body that need treatment. I know that I am getting the best professional treatment available for my skin cancers. Hands down she is the best."
--Alan Webb USAF RET. about Karen Davis, PA-C

"Quick , yet listened to needs/concerns. Good visit."
--Katrina Johnson about Reeli Reinu, PA-C

"Staff very friendly.My provider took the time to answer my questions. She was very nice and knowledgeable."
--Bilyne Gefford about Reeli Reinu, PA-C

"Very efficient, great staff, parking good."
--Suzanne A about Steven Proper, MD

"Everyone was absolutely wonderful!"
--Stephanie L about Yaquelin Quintero, ARNP-C

"Great job! As always!"
--Laura Wittholz about Reeli Reinu, PA-C

"Very nice and knowledgeable.5 Stars."
--Sydney Carter about Reeli Reinu, PA-C

"Excellent customer service."
--Lisa Whaley about Reeli Reinu, PA-C

"great visit, well informed and thorough. Thanks to staff also"
--ray c about James Breen, PA-C

"I've been dealing skin issues for a few years now, with no success. David has been my dermatologist for the past year and I never been happier. His attention to details and sound advice in prescribing medication to help my issues is very much appreciated. I am so grateful to find a doctor like David, who genuinely cares about the patient. I, 100% recommend his services to anyone looking for great and caring dermatologist."
--Emily Benitez about David Fitzmaurice, PA-C

"Thank you!!!!"
--Allene about Steven Proper, MD

"Excellent service."
--Samuel Lebron about Reeli Reinu, PA-C

"Very compassionate and attentive to my children's needs."
--Malik & Mekhi Freeman about Reeli Reinu, PA-C

"Very helpful and informative."
--Lauren Millner about Reeli Reinu, PA-C

"Dr. Marcus's Goodman is great.He is extremely knowledgeable and dedicated and has always provided the absolute best care, and I believe, best advice and treatment during every visit and for every issue. If you are looking for a doctor whose medical knowledge is encyclopedic, treats the problems with exact solutions and takes the time to be caring even while maintaining a very efficient office visit, then Dr. Goodman is someone you should consider visiting. Thank you so much for the difference you make in the lives of your patients! Your kindness, sincere caring, and concern make everything better and are a great encouragement. If every doctor strives to be as caring and generous as you, the world would be filled with smiles and laughter instead of pain and sorrow. Thanks for everything Dr Goodman. I am proud to recommend Dr, Goodman to anyone that may be dealing with skin issue, he is great! Thank You! Smitha"
--Smitha Kemp about Marcus Goodman, DO

"Nurse and Dr. are efficent and considerate."
--Gaylah Cantrell about Marty Yungmann, DO

"People do not hesitate to make a complaint. Yet no time is spent to complement good courteous service. Front desk assistance, Monique, is an A+."
--Patricia Geist about Ann Lidoski, PA-C

"Love this place! I'm usually at the VA! You're all so professional and kind!"
--Bruce O'Connor about Marty Yungmann, DO

"Thank you for getting us in today."
--Lisa Narva about Tom Van Hyning, PA-C

"I absolutely love coming here. Everybody is friendly and great service."
--Diana Kressley about Tom Van Hyning, PA-C

"Great still after 40 years!"
--Nancy Peycke about Herbert Mendelsohn, MD

"Best ever with Him."
--Ann about Stephen McAskill, MD

"Feel blessed to have best care possible. Thanks!"
--Timothy about Steven Proper, MD

"My daughter was seen by Dr. Maria Hicks and her Medical Assistant Sasha. Was very professional and also Sasha customer service skills were very proper. Dr. Maria Hicks was very patience also explain to me in detail the preciedure for Daniella Hernandez. I kindly appreciated for all the service provided today"
--Jacquelin Herrada about Maria Hicks, MD

"Dr. Hicks and her assistant Brenda made my procedure comfortable, successful and painless. I highly recommend them."
--Mike Kerrigan about Maria Hicks, MD

"She is so wonderful and ethical! I have a lot of Dr.'s in my Family and titles are just on paper, she is everything a Dr. would be to me! She is a jewel and you are so blessed to have her here."
--Janith about Amber Blair, PA-C
"Director at Large”- Florida Society of Dermatology Physician Assistants (FSDPA)

"Quick , pleasant, informative. Thank you for a great experience. Heather is great."
--Carole Lomax about Kevin Spohr, DO

"Staff and Dr. were fantastic. Very happy as a new client."
--Misty Scala about Kevin Spohr, DO

"Professional , efficient courteous service."
--Richard Russo about Reeli Reinu, PA-C

"Visit was good. Dr. was very personable and great people skills."
--Larry Brown about Kevin Spohr, DO

"Awesome Awesome! Keep up the Great Work. Very nice ands friendly"
--Nekeia White about Reeli Reinu, PA-C

"Karen Davis is the BEST! She is very thorough and professional. I even made the trip to Zephyrhills for my Annual Skin checkup last year and will do so again in 2016."
--Bonnie Calhoun about Karen Davis, PA-C

"I had facial outbreaks and a bag of antibiotics. It was through the determination of these doctors I was diagnosed with discoid lupus and could now start fighting this disease. With regular visits and injections Dr Gainers and Advanced Dermatology have given me a reason to smile again."
--Lora Edwards about Madeliene Gainers, MD

"Excellent!! In and out! Coming back in 6 months."
--Rupert Wood about Reeli Reinu, PA-C

"Very good. She explained my condition very well.E=Excellent."
--Ruby Tait Burnett about Reeli Reinu, PA-C

"Staff very professional and caring."
--Pedro Pedroza about Kevin Spohr, DO

"Outstanding service and friendly staff. Got me an appointment quickly and was in & out in minutes."
--Nicholas Dinardo about Kevin Spohr, DO

--MARVIN GRIFFIN about Maria Hicks, MD

"awesome women. makes me feel really good."
--lori about Sarah Siak, PA-C

"excellent service and very welcoming/careing."
--glenmilya about Sarah Siak, PA-C

"Everyone is GREAT!!"
--Ree about Sidney Curry, MD

"excellent grateful for big help to care for my foot."
--sheila about Sarah Siak, PA-C

"Fast service, great friendly and kind. Detail oriented."
--April G about Yaquelin Quintero, ARNP-C

"Always friendly good service Dr. Redmond is prompt, thorough and conveys a feeling of friendliness. I was not aware that my visit was to a spa."
--Marvin Monroe about Michael J. Redmond, MD

--Larry Goodsell about Michael J. Redmond, MD

"Seeing Dr. Redmond was like taking a trip back in time, a time when people were treated like people not numbers, patients were more important than the money, and service triumphed over electronic expediency. If nothing about this office experience changes, it will stay far superior to the "streamlined" offices of today."
--Linda Henley about Michael J. Redmond, MD

"Been going for years never had a skin problem he couldn't solve nice atmosphere friendly staff hands down the best dermatologist ever"
--Michael Harrington about Michael J. Redmond, MD

"Dr. Redmond was quick in his assessments, treated my condition, and I was out the door in no time. Most remarkable!"
--Linda Bernhardt about Michael J. Redmond, MD

"Dr. Redmond always understands my skin problems. I go there often and for years and he always helps to solve the problems with my skin."
--Judy Brackenridge about Michael J. Redmond, MD

"I have been going to Dr. Redmond for over 25 years. He is thorough, very friendly and takes time to a swear four questions. The office staff is very professional and extremely friendly. I would highly recommend their services"
--Linda O'Neil about Michael J. Redmond, MD

"While I never thought of Dr. R's office as a "spa" [ no hot tubs], it IS a warm and caring place where you feel like an individual, not a number. You may wait a bit past your scheduled time, but that's an assurance that you yourself will receive the full attention and care you need. Dr. Redmond is someone who inspires confidence and with whom you can feel comfortable discussing any concerns. He's very careful and on two occasions discovered 'spots' that needed attention, which I had overlooked or dismissed as nothing. And all the nurses/assistants treat you like a welcome guest. You'll receive reminders when it's time for a checkup, but no pressure. Five stars."
--Kate O'Dowd about Michael J. Redmond, MD

"I have been a patient of Dr. Redmond for 25 years. To me he is professioniilism personified as is his staff"
--Al Wendyker about Michael J. Redmond, MD

"Dr. Redmond is one of the most caring doctor I know. I have been going to him for a number of years. When I was having financial difficulties he took the care and times to work with me. During that time I moved about 30 miles from his office and still make the trips to his office because he is the BEST!"
--Claudia Grimes about Michael J. Redmond, MD

"I always have a great experience when I come to Dr. Redmond. The treatment prescribed always helps my skin. Thank you Dr. Redmond"
--Shareena Walton about Michael J. Redmond, MD

"I have been Dr. Redmond's patient for many years. He and his staff and very personable and professional., The "doc" is very thorough, knowledgeable and always informative about my care. If I ever have a problem, I know that his staff will make sure that I am taken care of as soon as possible."
--Jeffrey Goldsmith about Michael J. Redmond, MD

"Friendly reception, sparkling clean facilities (means a lot to me), on time appointment (did not have to wait - also means a lot to me). Dr. Redmond was excellent about explaining everything and answering questions. He's my doc from now on."
--Peter D'Angelo about Michael J. Redmond, MD

"My neighbor saw Dr. Redmond and he found cancerous cells on her face. She spoke highly of the doctor and encouraged me to get an assessment. I called and was able to get a timely appointment. Dr.Redmond and his staff were very friendly and professional. Dr. Redmond did a full body assessment that allowed me to feel very private and comfortable. He thoroughly explained the skin changes I am experiencing and what to watch for in the future. Thank you."
--Teresa F about Michael J. Redmond, MD

"High Quality of Service and Very Friendly. Dr. Redmond, cured my problem in one visit. After many months of self doctoring I did the right thing and went to see Dr. Redmond. My son was treated for teen age acne and I had a couple of non malignant lumps removed many years ago. When you visit Dr. Redmond he has the skill and talent to put you at ease and make you feel very comfortable. When my son first went to see Dr. Redmond, he told me that the Doctor was the nicest man and I agree with him."
--Joe Durigon about Michael J. Redmond, MD

"I love that you can get a appointment very quickly. Very professional staff The Doctors have always been right on. My family Have been seeing Dr. Redmond for years, and will continue to do so. I would recommend Dr. Redmond and staff to any one that wants experienced High quality care."
--F Earnshaw about Michael J. Redmond, MD

"Dr. Redmond saved my life. His thoughtfulness and expertise helped me navigate through the process of healing a large patch of Basal cell from atop my head. With Dr. Redmonds guidance i am now pain free and cancer free. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your kindness and wisdom. Thank you Dr. Redmond!"
--Steven Eggleston about Michael J. Redmond, MD

"I was able get an appointment within forty eight hours from the date I called Your service was very good."
--Eugene Brazeal Jr about Michael J. Redmond, MD

"Astute High Quality Professional Service with an equally high quality of personal care. As the title says, Dr. Redmond has always offered the highest of quality professional service. He has also always portrayed himself caring of me personally, as well as the world and environment in which we live."
--Joseph Costa about Michael J. Redmond, MD

"This was my first visit to Dr. Redmond and I'll definitely be going back. He is so knowledgeable, kind and thorough! He provided a comprehensive skin check and diagnosed a problem for me then also left me with lots of great advice and a choice of medicines. My problem area is much better and I'm happy to recommend him highly"
--Carol B about Michael J. Redmond, MD

"Excellent Care I am a long-time patient of Dr. Redmond and have always received excellent care from him. He is knowledgeable and a very friendly person. I left Michigan eleven years ago and returned in April this year and looked up his phone number to make an appointment for a check-up. It was like I had never left."
--Earl B about Michael J. Redmond, MD

"Our entire family have been patients of Dr Redmond since 1985!! He is a wonderful Dermatologist, has treated everything from teenage acne to removal of many pre-cancer skin issues!! Dr Redmond takes the time to answer all our questions and we never feel he is rushing us through our appointment. The entire staff are knowledgeable, friendly and caring, each and every visit!! Would NEVER see anyone else"
--Carol Brown about Michael J. Redmond, MD

"I had a rash problem and went to another dermatologist for a few months with no success. I went to Dr. Redmond and he helped me with my problem on my first visit. I would highly recommend for any dermatology problem you may have."
--Phil Young about Michael J. Redmond, MD

"Michelle (MA) and Arielle very informative. Pleasant visit. Thanks!"
--Deborah about Arielle Rought, PA-C

"Very professional, excellent care. Kudos Dr. Solomon and staff."
--William Taylor about James A. Solomon, MD, PhD

"Arielle & Michelle (MA) very informative. Pleasant visit. Thanks!"
--Deborah about Arielle Rought, PA-C

"Thank you Yaquelin and Lizette for your professionalism and sense of humor. You both make me feel very comfortable during all my visits."
--Gipseidy S about Yaquelin Quintero, ARNP-C

"So nice - makes unpleasant things pleasant!"
--Linda about Sidney Curry, MD

"Excelente chequeo! Numero uno!"
--Jose Cepeda about Annie Sprick, PA-C

"Both Ruth and Annie were extremely gentle and sweet!"
--Nancy Simmons about Annie Sprick, PA-C

"I am happy with my provider,Annie Sprick. She is very sweet and respectful."
--Elizabeth Barbosa about Annie Sprick, PA-C

"always very professional and knowledgeable."
--mary about James Breen, PA-C

"After working with Dr. Schiff for over 13 years I felt I must write just how wonderful he is. He always takes his time with patient even if has nothing to do about the reason they came in. He is a wonderful man inside and out. But his medical skills trumps ALL! I personally learned so much from him and will always be grateful."
--Judith LaPorta about Martin Schiff, MD

"Very Helpful. I Love everyone's spirit. thank you for your support!!"
--Vanonda about Madeliene Gainers, MD

"friendly and professional! also to Anthony (MA) and Linda (front desk)"
--Madeline about Sidney Curry, MD

"She is awesome =)"
--Therese Fitzgerald about Ann Lidoski, PA-C

"Polite, friendly, professional."
--Therese Fitzgerald about Tom Van Hyning, PA-C

"Great-everything went great!"
--Judy Morgan about Ann Lidoski, PA-C

"Excellant! Good work, Doc! =)"
--Richard Gaulin about Herbert Mendelsohn, MD

"I wanted to personally drop a line to everyone at your wonderful staff who have been so nice in assisting with my surgery. They have done their very best. That is why I refer to you and your staff to anyone that may need a dermatology procedure. I know you are booked in advance, but a good reference always helps. So just to say God bless and keep up the good work. I personally appreciate every one of you. Thanks always"
--Dr. Merle Young about Tom Van Hyning, PA-C

"(-: Both the Dr and ladies (Heather & JoElis) were very helpful."
--Esmonde & Kathy Rice about Kevin Spohr, DO

"Appointment was fast and easy. Better than expected."
--Jason Jerome about Kevin Spohr, DO

"Really liked our first visit today. Looking forward to working w/her."
--Roxann Spencer about Reeli Reinu, PA-C

"Thank you to all of you for being so courteous, friendly and caring. This is a STELLAR group and I'm so happy I discovered you!"
--Susan Stockwell about Sarah Siak, PA-C

"Very helpful and good with knowing what he is doing. thank you so much Dr Curry."
--Tori about Sidney Curry, MD

"Great Visit! Very informative, professional and friendly staff. Very happy with office!"
--Mana about Sidney Curry, MD

"Very Good!!!!"
--Patricia Burkard about Yaquelin Quintero, ARNP-C

"Professional,prompt. My first visit was today."
--Bob about Stephen McAskill, MD

"excellent visit. very good provider"
--mary g about James Breen, PA-C

"Fabulous! Enjoyed every injection! Office staff is wonderful and helpful."
--Brian Gleeson about Reeli Reinu, PA-C