This Father’s Day, Schedule an Annual Total-Body Skin Cancer Exam
For the Man You Love. (Or Better Still, Get One with Him!)

Men’s Health Week June 15-21

One of the most important things you can do for the man in your life this Father’s Day – whether he is your husband, significant other or father, is to remind him or better still, go with him for an annual Total-Body Skin Cancer Exam.

These exams, performed by our Dermatologists or other providers trained in skin cancer detection, are painless and take only a short time. If a suspicious lesion requires a closer look, or if an actual skin cancer is found, taking action early could add years to your life together.

In between your Annual Total-Body Skin Cancer Exams, you can help check your husband or partner’s skin for moles or spots that are growing, changing or appear suddenly. Doing so will help you:

  1. Reduce stress
    Searching for suspicious lesions can be stressful work. Having a partner help (whether it’s a significant other, family member, or good friend) is a good way to receive emotional support.
  1. Make examinations easier
    Examining the back of your head might be a little bit of a challenge without some help. A partner can help you check spots that are hard to see on your own. (Not sure what you’re looking at, but you’re concerned? Consult your Dermatologist!)
  1. Ensure commitment
    You know you’re more likely to do something if you have someone there to support you. Checking your skin monthly can be hard to remember, but there is a better chance you will follow through if there are two of you.
  1. Increase chances of catching early-stage melanomas
    Dermatologists encourage those who are at risk of developing skin cancer to perform personal skin examinations at home in addition to visiting a specialist. Having a partner help you could increase your chance of finding melanoma in its early stages!

Book an appointment for the man you love…or for both of you. Call 866.400.3372 today. Also, see related articles including From Skin Cancer to Hair Loss and Is Your Skin Fit for Summer?

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