PRP & Hair Loss

There are approximately 54 million men and 32 million women in the US who have some degree of hair loss. PRP (platelet rich plasma) is one of the emerging therapies in many medical specialties including dermatology. PRP has been used effectively for hair loss, both on its own and in conjunction with hair restoration, since the early 2000’s and has demonstrated promising results.

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PRP Therapy

PRP Therapy is performed in three-stages:

  1. Blood is drawn from the patient being treated for hair loss
  2. It is spun in a centrifuge to separate the platelets and plasma
  3. It is injected by a physician into the scalp in the area of hair loss to help repair blood vessels, promote cell growth and wound healing, and stimulate collagen production.

PRP Benefits

  • It promotes healing and clotting
  • It has anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties
  • It is safe with virtually no danger of an allergic reaction or rejection
  • It is well tolerated by patients who may not tolerate medications
  • International clinical studies have shown promising results
  • It is a quick procedure – usually 1-2 hours – done in an outpatient setting in the physician’s office

Patience is key; it may take several sessions and at least three months to see improvement. Results may depend on the length of time since hair was lost. To learn if you’re a good candidate for PRP therapy for hair loss, contact your Advanced Dermatology and Cosmetic Surgery providers.

PRP – Other Dermatologic Procedures
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PRP – Other Dermatologic Procedures

Used in surgical applications since the early 1990’s, when it was found to accelerate the healing of damaged joints after injury or surgery, PRP therapy is also utilized in other dermatological applications including microneedling with PRP and for minimizing acne scars. These procedures are also performed by many of Advanced Dermatology’s providers.

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