Aerolase™ is a revolutionary laser technology designed to reduce wrinkles and fine lines on your face. It uses advanced laser energy to help your skin produce more collagen, which results in younger-looking, healthier skin with more even texture.

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Safe for All Skin Types
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Treatments For Everyone

Patients of all skin types and tones are searching for the next best thing for their dermatologic and aesthetic needs. This is especially true for skin of color patients who are limited to specific treatments that at times give ineffective results. The Aerolase Neo 650 Microsecond Technology is revolutionized to provide patients of all ages and skin types the equal and fair opportunity to treat a skin condition with advanced technology.

Are you ready to gain back your skin and nail confidence with Aerolase®? 

Aerolase® Treatments Include:

  • Rejuvenation and Tightening
  • Rosacea, Redness, and Veins
  • Pigmented Lesions
  • Psoriasis 

Aerolase® Neo Elite (Rejuvenation and Tightening)

The Aerolase Neo is an aesthetic medical laser that provides a premium patient experience unrivaled in dermatology and aesthetics. Uniquely gentle, the Neo offers complete skin rejuvenation in a safe, effective, and tolerable treatment for all skin types and tones. The Neo’s unique 650-microsecond technology is attracted to a combination of melanin, hemoglobin, and water in the skin tissue – which contribute to your skin’s signs of aging. The Neo’s energy passes through the skin to selectively heat these targets without adverse effects – resulting in clear, healthy skin. 



NeoClear by Aerolase® Acne Treatment

NeoClear is a special treatment as there are no side effects, is very comfortable for patients, and the results can be seen quickly – in as little as a single treatment. NeoClear is an excellent option for patients that do not want to take prescription medications or are unable to. Plus, with increasing prescription costs, NeoClear is an excellent, cost-effective solution for patients’ acne problems. 


NeoSkin by Aerolase®  (Rosacea, Redness, Veins and Pigmented Lesions)

As skin ages there can be many changes that occur. Skin quality can worsen with enlarged pores, texture, and lax skin. Unwanted conditions such as redness, veins, sun damage, and age spots may show up. Acne may follow through adulthood. Whether you are looking to restore your clear, youthful skin or prevent signs of aging, NeoSkin can help achieve your skin goals. 

Aerolase® for Psoriasis Clearance

Aerolase 650 Microsecond Technology™ suppresses inflammation and coagulates the hypervasculature feeding plaque growth with deep-penetrating energy. Aerolase uniquely enables patients with psoriasis a safe, effective, and tolerable treatment for patients of all ages and skin types without the use of topical steroids or systemic medications. This means that there are no side-effects from traditional therapies. Plus, compared to other light-based therapies, Aerolase 650 Microsecond Technology offers quicker treatments and faster rates of clearance. 



Other Treatments You May Like

Advanced Dermatology offers skin tightening procedures as components of some overall skin resurfacing programs. Tribella® and Laser 360™ are three-in-one options providing improvements in skin tone, elasticity and texture during one treatment. Three sessions are recommended for optimal results.


HydraFacial® is an amazing skin treatment. It’s perfectly designed to gently suction, exfoliate and hydrate your skin, leaving you with a fresh new face. The skin is smoother, pores are tighter, and texture is more refined – simply flawless. Think of it as the ultimate spa experience for your face!


Ultherapy® is a non-surgical, non-invasive ultrasound technology which delivers energy to just the right depth within your skin, to achieve firmer, tighter skin as a result. Ultherapy® is the only FDA-cleared therapy to non-invasively lift and tighten the eyebrow, neck and under-chin area, and to improve décolletage lines and wrinkles.

Following Ultherapy® treatment, the skin develops new collagen at an increased rate for up to six months. Some people see immediate results but the effects over time are most impressive, as skin tightens and firms resulting in a natural lift in the treated areas.

There are enough forces working against your skin. Do something positive for it with skin tightening therapy at Advanced Dermatology and Cosmetic Surgery. Call today to schedule an appointment to meet with our experienced skin-tightening team.

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