Dr. Matt Leavitt:  Leadership Puts Him at the Helm of Change in Dermatology

Vision, ability, and courage help to define physician leadership as much as empathy and caring for patients. Building a practice with nationally accomplished dermatologists occupying leadership roles was particularly important to Advanced Dermatology and Cosmetic Surgery Executive Chairman and Founder Dr. Matt Leavitt, who early on understood what a difference it would make to the quality of care the practice would be able to provide if its leadership thoroughly understood and acknowledged the important role of its physicians and all levels of its healthcare clinicians.

And since then, he has built a premier practice with more than 140 offices nationwide on the expertise of his physician leaders. And he has led it by example.

He is recognized nationally and internationally as an accomplished physician, surgeon, clinical researcher, hair restoration specialist, author, lecturer, business consultant, entrepreneur and humanitarian. He is an educator who is helping to train the next generation of medical leaders in dermatology through an Orlando-based residency program, and post-graduate physician assistant (PA) and nurse practitioner (NP) programs. He also serves as a clinical assistant professor in dermatology for the University of Central Florida, University of Florida, and NOVA Southeastern University. 

This year, Dr. Leavitt has been a featured speaker and panelist at conferences (virtually due to COVID-19), been interviewed by national media and had scholarly articles published in areas including hair disorders, hair loss, and hair restoration, topics in which he has specialized expertise. Additionally, he was invited to participate on a special expert panel regarding Office Practices after COVID 19.  He was also asked as an authority in dermatology to take part on a panel to evaluate some of the new and innovative companies in dermatology.

He was interviewed by The Learning Channel, featured twice in articles in Dermatology Times, participated in virtual “clinical grand rounds”, been a keynote speaker or panelist at several clinical dermatology conferences and a clinical PA/NP conference.

He has written articles/chapters/books including “Clinical Patterns of Hair Loss in Men: Is DHT the only Culprit,” Dermatologic Clinics, Hair Edition, Sadick , N, 2020, which is pending publication, Mesenchymal Stem Cells and Stromal Vascular Fraction for Skin Rejuvenation,” Facial Plast surg Clin N Am 26 (2018) 513-532, and “Male Hair Loss,” Leavitt, Matt, Beeson, William and “Female Hair Loss,” Leavitt, Matt, Beeson, William both of which were scheduled to be published in 2020.

He is also part of a team working on an article on the “Magnitude of Delay in Diagnosis of Melanoma and Non-Melanoma Skin Cancers due to Covid-19,” Marson, Justin W., MD, Maner, Brittany S. BS, MBS, Harding, Tanner P., BS, Meisenheimer, John VII, BS, Solomon, James, MD, PHD, Leavitt, Matt, L DO, Levin, Nicole J. BS, Dellavalle, Robert, MD PhD, Brooks, Ian, PhD, Rigel Darrell S., MD, MS 2020.

For captains of well-run ships, it is essential to understand the tasks accomplished by all their crew members, and to be in tune with the professionals surrounding them. Dr. Leavitt takes his leadership role one step further, and is excited to be lending his considerable knowledge and skills to creating a new generation of leaders in dermatology, ensuring there will be steady hands on the rudder as Advanced Dermatology steers its course toward maintaining a culture that values excellence well into the future.

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